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Introducing, Bodyworker & Lifelong Learner, Kunal Chettiar!

After beginning his engineering studies, Kunal decided to switch gears and pursue a career as an RMT. Given his background, it is no surprise that one of the things that drew Kunal to this career is the unique clinical puzzle of each patient and the pursuit of the best solution to address each individual’s needs. 

Kunal has found that the most fulfilling aspect of his work as a Bodyworker has been helping his clients become a healthier version of themselves and is always honoured to get to be a part of someone’s healing journey. The highlight thus far was being able to apply his training from school to treat his grandma’s knee. He is happy to be able to say that his grandma is now able to enjoy walking with little to no pain for the first time in 4 years.

Kunal believes, “It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were before”. He is committed to lifelong learning. Whether it be researching new techniques and treatments or sharpening his clinical skills, Kunal is driven to provide the best quality of care to his patients, so they, in turn, will become better than they were before. 

In Kunal’s spare time you may find him at the gym, relaxing watching some anime or enjoying dumplings from his favourite restaurant. 

What to expect from your Non-Registered Massage Treatment with Kunal:

Kunal believes in the importance of a thorough assessment to make sure he is getting a clear understanding of your unique clinical picture. It is essential to Kunal that you are heard and understood so he is able to work with you to best reach your goals. If Kunal could give every patient one piece of wellness advice it would be to take the time out for yourself to complete your homecare, as it can really be a difference maker. 

We are excited to say, welcome to the team Kunal!



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