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Introducing Brigitte Tsang: Your Collaborative Partner in Wellness!

Please welcome our newest addition to the team, Brigitte Tsang! Brigitte is a passionate Bodyworker who is eager to help you perform at your very best. Brigitte’s favorite part of the job is witnessing the recovery process and seeing her clients achieve their goals. We are thrilled to have Brigitte join our team and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of a non-registered massage session with her! 


PSSSTT Brigitte will be completing her registration exams shortly and joining our team of RMTs!


Treatment with Brigitte….

Brigitte’s treatment style focuses on collaborating with her clients to develop a treatment plan that meets their specific needs. During your initial session, you can expect a detailed assessment, including a thorough review of your pertinent history, so that she can gain a comprehensive understanding of your  injury or condition. Brigitte’s treatment will be guided by regular dialogue with you to ensure that treatment is reviewed and adjusted to meet your unique needs. 


She is passionate about treating sports or exercise-related conditions, and loves working with people of all levels – from occasional gym-goers to competitors. One of her favorite conditions to treat is Patellofemoral Syndrome, which she has experienced several times herself, so she has a unique understanding of the condition.


Getting to know Brigitte …..

The most rewarding experience of Brigitte’s career thus far has been working with participants at ICORD/Blusson Spinal Cord Centre. She found her time spent with the participants to be incredibly uplifting and rewarding. Brigitte also has many passions outside of her work! Clients may be surprised to learn that she was an avid PC gamer growing up, and still loves to unwind with her “two Gs” – gaming and gym-ing. Brigitte loves trying new restaurants, and her favorite spot is a little ramen place on the North Shore. Brigitte has a passion for travel. Her favorite place she has visited so far is Thailand, but she’s looking forward to her next trip to Japan for a ski vacation. In addition to her love for fitness, Brigitte also used to cheerlead and has competed in CrossFit competitions. 


With Brigitte, clients can expect collaborative treatment that is specifically tailored to their needs. If Brigitte could provide everyone with just one piece of wellness advice it would be: 


Listen to your body. In an age where over-working and constant maximal exertion is celebrated, listen to your body and value the importance of rest.


With Brigitte’s expertise and guidance, you’ll be on the path to optimal wellness in no time!

Welcome to the team Brigitte!!


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