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Introducing Nathan Wilkins: Your Friendly Neighborhood Registered Massage Therapist

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our wellness dream team, Nathan Wilkins, our dedicated Registered Massage Therapist. Nathan comes to us with a passion for making people feel their best and a knack for creating a comfortable and healing atmosphere. 

Treatment Philosophy

Nathan’s treatment philosophy is all about personalized care and building lasting relationships with his patients. He believes that treating the patient for whatever they need the moment they step into his room is the key to success. He knows that treatment results can be temporary, but the therapeutic relationship that’s built with each patient lasts a lifetime. This approach allows him to cater to the unique needs of every individual he works with. It’s this commitment to personalized care that has led to some incredible career highlights.

What to Expect from Your Initial Treatment

You can expect a thorough assessment to understand your specific needs, a relaxed atmosphere that puts you at ease and a comprehensive treatment plan for all your upcoming sessions.

What he enjoys most about his job is getting to know each person he works with. Whether you love to chat or prefer silence during the session, Nathan is here to cater to your needs. Your comfort and well-being are his top priorities.

If you’re curious about what really lights a fire under Nathan, it’s working on the back, neck, and shoulders. He believes that relaxing and treating these areas can make a world of difference in how you feel. He is all about sending you back into the world a little bit better than when you arrived.

Fun Facts About Nathan

Now, here’s a little tidbit that might surprise you. Nathan is not just an amazing massage therapist; he’s also a big nerd. So, if you’re into all things geeky, you’ll have a lot to chat about during your sessions. Additionally, it might surprise you to learn that he’s older than he looks and, most importantly, he’s a proud dad.


Wellness Advice

Before we wrap things up, we asked Nathan for one piece of wellness advice to share with everyone, and he kept it simple and effective. His advice: “Drink water and do some daily stretching.” It’s a small commitment that can make a big difference in how you feel and move.

So, there you have it—Nathan Wilkins, your new RMT superhero. Whatever the reason behind your visit, Nathan’s got your back, neck, and shoulders covered. We can’t wait for you to meet him and experience his personalized care firsthand. 

Here’s to a healthier, happier you! Book HERE today.

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