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Kavina Shah, a Physiotherapist Ready for Adventure

We are thrilled to welcome the next member of our Physiotherapy team, Kavina Shah

Kavina grew up in India, where she developed a passion for the field of Physiotherapy early on. At the age of 15, Kavina accompanied her mother to her first Physiotherapy session for a cervical nerve compression. She found the session so interesting, that she tagged along to all 12 of her mother’s Physio sessions, asking many questions about the treatment her mother was receiving, as well as the profession in general. She was fascinated with the concept of healing our bodies without the use of medication, which is a driving force in Kavina’s practice to this day.

From that point forward, Kavina’s interest in Physiotherapy only continued to grow. She pursued her Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy at Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College and graduated in 2017. From there, she completed an internship, as well as practiced at an Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad, working in a busy department with pre- and post-operative patients. In 2019, Kavina made the big move to Canada, working in Ontario for 2 years before making the move to Beautiful BC! 

To date, the highlight of Kavina’s career has been the time she spent recently working in rural BC in Burns Lake in the hospital for almost two years. In those two years, she learned about rural life in Canada, the Indigenous culture, and the availability (or lack thereof) of health care services in rural BC. She spent much of her time at the hospital working with pre- and post-op patients (many knee and hip replacements!), patients with neurological issues, COPD, and many other conditions. Kavina is a lover of nature and truly enjoyed her time in Burns Lake, but knew in her heart that a private practice setting was where she wanted to be. Kavina’s job satisfaction comes from working with patients right from the acute stage of their injury all the way through to recovery.

Kavina is very excited to be embarking on this next chapter of her Physiotherapy journey and building her practice with the Total Therapy team. She loves meeting new people, building relationships and is excited to work with her clients to achieve a better, pain-free life!

What to Expect in Your Initial Physiotherapy Session With Kavina

Kavina’s treatment philosophy centers around listening to her patients. She believes that a patient knows their body best and it is through understanding her patient’s story that she will get to the root of their issue. Kavina takes a biomechanical approach to rehabilitation and believes that you must get to the root cause of an individual’s pain to find the long-term solution. 

Your initial session with Kavina will be largely dedicated to a thorough assessment. Kavina will work with you to begin to understand your pain/issue including what provokes it and what alleviates it. She will then move to a hands-on assessment including assessing movement, observing motor patterns and performing special tests to best understand the faulty mechanism or injury. Once the assessment is complete, Kavina will take time with you to communicate her findings and the recommended treatment plan moving forward. 

A lot of the time, after an assessment, there may be a little increase in your pain or discomfort. This is to be expected, as she must invoke your symptoms in order to best understand their origin to help determine the best course of action. However, Kavina will follow this up with educating you on the mechanism of your pain and how to alleviate it so you leave your session empowered and in more control of your symptoms!

When asked: “If you could give everyone just one piece of wellness advice, what would it be?”, Kavina said:

I think the one piece of wellness advice would be, have an ergonomic chair to work from home and to go on all the adventures that you ever dreamt of because no one ever regretted all the time they spent doing what they wanted to do.


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