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Welcome Nadia Bleeker, Bodyworker: Your Partner in Personalized Wellness

We’re delighted to introduce Nadia Bleeker, our newest Bodyworker! Nadia’s journey was driven by a passion for health and a desire to positively impact lives. After years of working one-on-one with clients in health, fitness, and dance, Nadia found herself unable to teach dance due to an accident and the COVID shutdowns. Seeking a new field that enriched people’s lives and kept her physically and mentally challenged, she found her calling to become a (soon-to-be) Massage Therapist!

Tailored Treatments

Nadia’s treatment philosophy is all about customization and versatility. She believes in treating everyone differently, recognizing each individual’s unique history, challenges, and goals. Her approach focuses on long-term improvements in quality of life, and utilizing rehabilitative and corrective techniques tailored to each individual. During your initial treatment with Nadia, expect a friendly and safe space where you can feel at ease. Taking the time to assess and listen to your needs, Nadia will create a personalized plan to help you feel better and improve your overall well-being.

Areas of Expertise & Passions

Nadia’s favourite areas to treat include the hips, lower back, abdominals, arms, and hands. She is passionate about working with diverse populations and conditions, particularly those with central and peripheral nervous system ailments, helping them maintain or improve function. What Nadia finds most rewarding is connecting with her clients through their stories. She takes joy in learning about their journeys and finds fulfillment in witnessing their progress, both physically and emotionally, over time. One of her career highlights includes helping a client regain enough dexterity to hold a pen again.

A Piece of Wellness Advice

One piece of wellness advice Nadia offers is to be patient and kind to yourself and your body. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, believing that treating yourself with compassion is essential for overall wellness.

Beyond the Clinic

Outside of work, Nadia is an adventurer at heart, with a love for rollercoasters despite a fear of heights. Her active lifestyle includes powerlifting, ballroom and Latin dancing, and horseback riding.

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