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Welcoming Physiotherapist TM Ortiz. Ready to be your personal Mr. Miyagi

Welcoming Physiotherapist TM Ortiz to the Total Therapy team!

We would like to welcome our newest member of our Physiotherapy Team, TM!

TM is inspired by his clients and the transformations he gets to experience through their recovery. He believes in functional treatment and relating to everyone’s unique life path to guide them towards health. It’s no wonder that some of his favorite quotes come from the 80s movie, The Karate Kid. Just like Mr. Miyagi, TM likes to incorporate relatable everyday movements into his clients’ treatment plans that lead to overall improvement in their day-to-day life. His fulfillment comes from those moments when he gets to see his clients’ happiness – seeing their first steps, strength gains, or pain-free movements!

What to Expect in Your Physiotherapy Appointment

TM believes in an education-centered approach to not only empower his clients with information about the issues they are currently experiencing, 


but to also prevent further problems down the road. Your initial appointment will consist of a thorough assessment, including a conversation around the reason for your visit and what your expectations are for treatment. TM will ensure you leave your first session with a clear understanding of what provokes your symptoms and the tools you can use to alleviate them, including a home exercise program. His goal is that each of his clients leave their appointments with enough knowledge to make the best possible decisions regarding their health (even when he’s not around!).

The short and sweet advice he likes to give in regards to overall health is to “Start right, start small”. 

When not at the clinic, TM likes to spend his time on walks around the city, working on his poetry and adding more recipes to his cooking repertoire. He absolutely loves his 3 dogs [add photo to the side] and his ultimate goal is to someday learn 5 more languages!



“Daniel: Hey can you break a log like that?

Miyagi: Don’t know. Never been attacked by tree.”

TM is currently working out of our Metrotown location and would love to help you take steps to “start right” today! Give us a call at (604) 620-9700 and request to book with TM or click here to book online.

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