Andrea Londono - Administrative Team

A deep desire to help others in an effective and concrete manner drove me to study physiotherapy back in my home country. While practicing as a physiotherapist, I understood that helping and understanding my patients not just from a physical point of view, but also from the emotional side was key in my journey not just as a health care professional, but also as a human being. Listening their points of view, struggles or joys in their lives, fulfilled my heart.

When I had just arrived in Canada in 2015, I decided to find a job that would bring me the very same opportunity and satisfaction of being in contact with people, and being able to bring a smile, or just provide a helping hand in something along their day, even if it is something simple. In Canada I have worked as a CSW for people with developmental disabilities, seniors, and now I work as an MOA in Total Therapy: It is a great opportunity to work for a company that fully understands what Service and Caring for others really means.

Spending time with my husband, friends, and facetiming with my family back in my home country brings me joy. I love reading, cooking, working out in the privacy of my home, a cold afternoon in front the chimney and long walks in a hot and sunny day.

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