Brigitte Tsang - Non-Registered Massage Provider

Brigitte’s love for movement began in Dance at age 5. Growing up, she was trained in ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance. This love blossomed into a BFA in Dance from York University, and Brigitte performed professionally as a Toronto dance artist, and also taught ballet. After departing from dancing, Brigitte was drawn to the opposite end of the movement spectrum, and fell deeply in love with weightlifting, particularly olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. For the past decade, Brigitte has explored these sports as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and a CrossFit coach. After moving to BC, her enthusiasm for athletics expanded to including trail running, hiking, skiing, and all-around adventuring!

Having been active all of her life, Brigitte is no stranger to injuries, rehab, and physical therapy. After pursuing her interest in massage therapy, Brigitte graduated from VCMT in 2022, and now hopes to utilize her years of experience to help others blossom in their movement journey as well!

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