Bryson Drinovz - Registered Massage Therapist

Bryson has been a practicing RMT for 5 years in both North Vancouver and Squamish. Bryson has worked with desk workers to professional athletes and loves teaching clients to understand their bodies and why things might be occurring. He helps them move easier, perform better and be more resilient to injury, whether that be in daily life or competitive sport.

Bryson’s experience has largely come from working on contact sports related injuries. Because of this he tends toward a style involving more deep tissue work and active techniques in order to help people get more involved with their bodies and the rehabilitation process.

Bryson believes that the most important tool when it comes to rehab is movement and he uses an array of active therapy techniques, exercise and manual manipulations to help reduce pain and maximize mobility. Above all Bryson is committed to ensuring a well rounded therapeutic experience by providing, pain relief and most importantly patient education.

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