Daniel Greenaway "Danny" - Registered Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist, I believe our bodies are resilient and remarkable in their ability to adapt to what we ask of them.  My treatment focus is on helping people feel strong and healthy, and helping them feel confident in their ability to move around and do the things they find most important.  I use a combination of education, exercises, and manual techniques to get people feeling their best, and to make sure they have the tools to maintain their progress after physiotherapy. 

Before moving to England to complete my Masters in Physiotherapy, I made the most of my school-free years by working various jobs in New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, and Spain.  From kiwi picker to English teacher, it’s been quite the journey.

Now having settled in Vancouver, I like to spend my free time exploring this beautiful city, and embarrassing myself at the bouldering gym.

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