Emma Duff, Registered Massage Therapist

My work history prior to Massage Therapy included working with adults with disabilities in a group home setting. I really saw the need for the proper care and consideration that is needed to maintain a better quality of life. Staying in healthcare field, I went into massage therapy, hoping the one-on-one time would help me better understand all aspects of the patients concerns and how it affects their life. I believe education is key in recovery. If you don't know why or when you need to do an exercise or to change a posture/habit to better help your situation, you will miss what was needed to help for the recovery. If the patient knows the who and the what, then a more team approach is taken to recovery. I enjoy helping people with chronic pain, headaches and sports related issues.

I am an old lady at heart - I like to knit, spend time with my dogs, and study.

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