Kathy Ziarek - Registered Massage Therapist

Kathy’s passion for health and wellness began early in her adult-hood After facing some of her own health challenges and injuries, she embarked on a journey of healing which inspired her to want to help others. She has a keen interest in fitness and nutrition and has witnessed first-hand the body’s natural ability to heal itself. She is an advocate for holistic health and knows the importance of creating a work-life balance.

Her massage therapy approach involves a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques including Swedish, myofascial release, active and passive stretching, and trigger point release. She believes in educating her clients on aspects such as postural awareness as well as stretching and strengthening to maintain a balanced body. She values providing patient-centred care and takes time to customize a treatment plan based on the individual needs of each client, so that they may achieve and maintain their health goals.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys exercising, yoga, travelling, cooking, being in nature and listening to music.

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