Laila Kathrada - Administrative Team

Healthcare is my passion. I knew right when I graduated high school that was the field I was meant to be in. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with a career that didn’t involve caring for others. To get my foot in the door of the healthcare world, I took the health care assistant program at KPU Langley and worked in a variety of different settings, all teaching me new things and giving me wonderful opportunities to enrich the lives of others. I worked as a Life Redesign coach at a group home for people with acquired brain injuries, my role being to assist the residents with their activities of daily living and working on their rehabilitation goals. Motivating individuals and supporting them through their frustrations proved challenging at times but very rewarding In the end. Seeing people recover from severe injuries before your eyes is something so inspiring and wonderful.

I’ve also worked with seniors who have Alzheimer’s disease in assisted living and long term care facilities. Hearing their life stories, and making the rest of their days as comfortable and joyful as possible brought me a great sense of peace. Currently I am finishing up the health foundations program for nursing, and will then embark on a three year journey to achieve my bachelors degree in Psychiatric Nursing. I am grateful to be working in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting, and look forward to my education in mental health.

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