Mae Nakano - Practicing Kinesiologist, Administrative Team

Growing up as a highly active child, I didn’t stop moving until I finally injured myself enough to have to see a physiotherapist. From that first visit, I was fascinated by the biomechanics of the human body. I love how complex our bodies can be, and I greet every puzzle with further intrigue. It helps that I’m a competitive person with a love for logic games and riddles!

Over the years, I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with a large variety of patients: from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, teen athletes, toddlers to elderly, children with disabilities, ICBC patients, and those in specialized Occupational Rehabilitation programs for WorkSafeBC. No matter the clientele, I love the idea that the patient and I work together as a team-- I am a knowledgeable guide while the power is in their hands. Let’s accomplish your goals together!

If I’m not at Total Therapy, my most recent hobbies are bouldering and rock-climbing. You can also find me bounding through the forests in my hometown North Vancouver, and enjoying tacos in the sun (or any type of weather for that matter!).

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