T.M. (Theo Mari) Ortiz - Interim Physiotherapist

"Believing is half the battle." is what I tell anyone who wants to come out on top, including myself. I live for the moments when I can see my clients' enthusiasm grow as they move closer to their goals. As a physiotherapist, I feel the most fulfillment when I see my clients beam with happiness—seeing their first steps, strength gains, and painless movements. It's a feeling that's hard to describe yet easy to show.

"Big things have small beginnings" I'm a steadfast advocate of injury prevention through simple yet high-yield interventions and habits. From switching shoulders when carrying a sling bag to changing sides every other night when sleeping or even adding one more push-up to your morning routine, a little progress goes a long way.

On the weekends, I take leisurely walks around the city. Maybe write a few lines for half a poem here and there. At home, I cook for fun more than sustenance. I bet I would've become a home cook if I didn't become a physiotherapist. The only problem is that I believe I cannot help myself but eat everything I cook.

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