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I can’t say anything but complimentary things about the level of care and professionalism I’ve received from everyone I’ve seen here.

I see Vincent Lam for massage on a regular basis, and I’ve seen Dr. Duriell Bernard for chiropractic care from time to time. I’ve known both gentlemen for years: They’ve seen me at my lowest with injuries and at my best for maintenance of my musculoskeletal system to support all my physical activities. Whether for hands-on treatment or education about how the body works and how to take care of it, both Vincent and Duriell have definitely improved the quality of my life over the years.

I also saw Christian Morin, physiotherapist, for a couple of appointments when the area in and around my sesamoid bone in my foot flared up. With his IMS, ultrasound, mobilizations, and exercise recommendations, my foot got better quickly in a matter of weeks.

Overall, the caliber of care and service at this Total Therapy is brilliant. I’ve trusted my musculoskeletal system to their professionals’ expertise regularly, and I’ve always gotten excellent results!

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