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I would just like to commend Jameson Bui for being an incredible RMT. I have visited a ton of RMT’s over the years in different [cities] but I was extremely impressed from the get go with Jameson. Jameson, on my first visit, conducted a thorough assessment of the areas where I was feeling discomfort and/or pain. He took the time to patiently listen to my needs and tailor RMT sessions focusing on the problematic areas. He would even take time after the session was over to listen to how the progress with my stretching was going, and continue to give great advice on what I can continue doing, when I’m at home, or at the gym to help with the discomfort and tightness/soreness. Throughout the whole process, I felt like I was in good hands. I appreciated the time Jameson took to explain what stretching exercises I can do at home, even as going as far as emailing me on his time off with detailed notes of how to stretch certain parts of my body and how it can be beneficial for my health. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is searching for an RMT to give Jameson Bui a shot, you won’t be disappointed. I will keep coming back!!

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