Jameson Bui - Registered Massage Therapist

Location: Metrotown
Languages: English

I've always been passionate about helping others and found that it truly brings me joy! It wasn't until I recovered from a motor vehicle accident that I wanted to pursue massage therapy. It gave me first hand experience in both the physical and mental stresses that can affect the body. Being an RMT gives me the opportunity to help others who are going through what I went through. Whether a patient is dealing with pain, tension, or stress; I'm ready to give the highest quality of care in my treatments to meet their goals.

During my free time I love to play volleyball, snowboard, hike and lift weights. Working out is what peaked my interest in learning about nutrition, how muscles grow, get stronger and recover. It led me to competing in my first bodybuilding show, in which I placed 4th in! Aside from my active lifestyle, I love eating, trying new restaurants and traveling to new countries (to eat).

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POSTS BY Jameson Bui:

I highly recommend going to see Jameson Bui! At each appointment, Jameson ensured that treatment was specific to my concerns and prioritized my comfort. He provided continuous treatment by communicating the progress we’ve made since my first appointment. I really appreciate his holistic approach to treatment and often provided relevant exercise and stretches, along with thoroughly explaining their benefits. Thanks Jameson!!

Professional, great etiquette. Would recommend Jameson to anyone looking for a genuinely good RMT.

I would just like to commend Jameson Bui for being an incredible RMT. I have visited a ton of RMT's over the years in different [cities] but I was extremely impressed from the get go with Jameson. Jameson, on my first visit, conducted a thorough assessment of the areas where I was feeling discomfort and/or pain. He took the time to patiently listen to my needs and tailor RMT sessions focusing on the problematic areas. He would even take time after the session was over to listen to how the progress with my stretching was going, and continue to give great advice on what I can continue doing, when I'm at home, or at the gym to help with the discomfort and tightness/soreness. Throughout the whole process, I felt like I was in good hands. I appreciated the time Jameson took to explain what stretching exercises I can do at home, even as going as far as emailing me on his time off with detailed notes of how to stretch certain parts of my body and how it can be beneficial for my health. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is searching for an RMT to give Jameson Bui a shot, you won't be disappointed. I will keep coming back!!

Had a massage therapy session today with Jameson Bui and I was very impressed with him. He took the time to thoroughly explain all my questions and concerns and was very attentive to my needs. I felt very well taken care of during my entire visit and my body was feeling much lighter and relaxed after. [What] impressed me the most was Jameson going past the allotted time slot to make sure I had understood all the stretches and exercises that I needed to do to improve my condition. He even took time after hours to email all the instructions with pictures. Talk about a rock star! Highly recommend Jameson Bui to anyone seeking RMT!

Total Therapy Metrotown is amazing! The staff [are] so kind and welcoming. I come here for massage therapy and I highly, highly recommend Jameson. He’s super friendly, professional and listens intently to your issues. The stretches and exercises he suggests after appointments have worked wonders and my chronic pain has minimized so much it no longer affects my daily life. My experience with him is always so pleasant and I always come out feeling like a new human!

From Soothing Relaxation to Targeted Rehabilitation: Meet Jameson Bui, RMT


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