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Spotlight: Acupuncturist Shawn Tjen


We’re very excited to announce that our North Burnaby location is now offering acupuncture.


Please give a warm welcome to our acupuncturist, Shawn Tjen!





The Journey

Before he began his career as an acupuncturist, Shawn started off working as a software engineer for 7 years. During his time working in software, Shawn ended up developing a lot of pain in his shoulders, back, and neck resulting from spending 10+ hours a day in front of his computer. Eventually, he realized that he did not see a future for himself in that industry; inspired by his grandfather and brother, both of whom were Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Shawn decided to take the plunge and chose to switch career paths and return to school! He has now been working as an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner for 10 years, and is excited to see what the future holds.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Drawing from his background in software, Shawn has a unique approach to treatment. Just by using his hands to palpate the problem area, he is able to assess the condition and identify what the specific issue is in the body. By drawing on his extensive past experience to identify what the best approach is, he is then able to write a ‘code’ or treatment plan to address this issue quickly and effectively. What makes acupuncture so special, is that therapists are able to treat the underlying cause, not just the resulting symptoms. By using acupuncture needles along certain points along the body’s major energy channels, he is able to rebalance and redirect the energies, allowing him to treat much more than just musculoskeletal pain! Shawn likes to refer to this approach as ‘reprogramming the body.’ Many of Shawn’s clients come to him with concerns such as stomach issues, indigestion, constipation, stress, hormone related imbalances, nerve problems, and even infertility.

Shawn also understands that every body is different, and that it’s impossible to apply the exact same template to each individual. Instead, he ensures that he is tailoring his treatment style for each client, taking the time to select the exact acupuncture points that will have the greatest impact. Even a tiny difference in selecting a point can have a huge difference in results!


Just for Fun:

In his free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with family, and ensuring his kids are having a blast! He also enjoys playing baseball especially in the summer.

Looking to book an appointment with Shawn? Head to, or call 604-437-9355 now!


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