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This article was written by our Clinical Counsellor, Kate Bilkevitch. I believe that the main purpose of counselling is to help you achieve empowerment to...
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Prenatal Exercise Blog

Prenatal Exercise: Understanding the Guidelines Expecting a little one? Whether you’re expecting your first child, trying to get pregnant, or are expanding your family, this...
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ICBC Changes – What you need to know

ICBC changes - What you need to know You may have heard that on April 1, 2019, ICBC updated many of its policies and practices...
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Strength Training for Youth

This article was written by our Kinesiologist, Juan Jaramillo. After getting introduced to triathlon at the age of 17, I developed a passion for fitness and...
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Joint Replacement Prehab

This article was written by our Physiotherapist, Matt Janzen. Growing up in North Vancouver, I was a multi-sport athlete and competed at a high level in...
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Cardiovascular Disease & Exercise: Part 2

This article was written by our Kinesiologist, Katrina Kwai. Growing up playing multiple sports peaked my interest in health sciences at a young age. Upon completing...
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Physical Literacy Part 2: Bear Walks

Bear Walks, from the physical literacy point-of-view (If you’d like a recap on what physical literacy is, check out this post here.) When I worked...
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