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Chiropractor Dr. Simar Brar’s 5 Tips for a Healthy Spine While Working from Home

Now, more than ever, working from home has become the norm! We are committed to helping our patients maintain a healthy work-life balance with minimal impact on their posture and overall spinal health since ergonomics at home may not be the most ideal.

Sitting for long hours with poor posture can stress your musculoskeletal system (your muscles, joints and spine) therefore it is essential to have a spinal hygiene practice in place to counteract the stress on your spine. 


Follow the 5 steps below to take that load off your shoulders (quite literally): 

  1. Take a water break every 45 minutes to an hour to get up from your desk and walk. If this is impossible since your company loves hosting long zoom meetings, then we suggest standing for half of the meeting duration.
  2. Adjust your screen so you are looking at the top 25% of the monitor. You want to make sure there is no head tilt. If your chin is pointing upwards or downwards instead of being neutral, you have to change your screen or laptop height. Purchasing a laptop stand or placing books underneath your laptop can be useful. 
  3. Push your chair in towards your desk. This reduces the distance in between your body and the work space. Therefore, there is less tension on your neck musculature and joints. 
  4. Adopt a routine every morning and evening to stretch. Adopting a few yoga poses into your daily routine will go a long way! Cat/Cow pose, Child’s pose and Pigeon pose are our go to favourites! Check out the figures below to see how these poses are done.
  5. Come into the clinic for a chiropractic adjustment! Your Chiropractor will work with you to figure out areas of stress along your spine or other specific joints to release tension and to increase range of motion so you can carry on with your daily tasks! 


Dr. Simar 

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