Ananya Perry - Registered Massage Therapist

Location: Metrotown
Languages: English & Thai

Massage is my passion. I like to receive massage therapy from fellow RMTs and I always feel better after treatment. This makes me believe that massage therapy can benefit everybody to help maintain their body. I am always happy to work with people to help them achieve their goals. All my past experience with massage and previous work as a caregiver helps to guide me in the massage

With my practice, I do a full assessment to create the perfect treatment plan to help my patients achieve their goals. I see my role as assisting my patients to find their potential, whether by improving function, decreasing pain, or reducing stress. I love the career that I have chosen and always try to do my best to support my patients' needs.

I decided to pursue massage therapy after working as a community health worker. I enjoy learning and have always had an interest in the human body and how the various parts of the body work together.

Outside of work, I enjoy taking care of animals and traveling with my family. I love to watch soccer games and care for my family.

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