Anthony Tsang - Registered Massage Therapist

Location: North Burnaby & Metrotown
Languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Interestingly Anthony began his career in the banking industry, but after 10 years he was ready to make a change! What compelled him to pursue a career as an RMT? During the pandemic, like many others, Anthony took time to reflect on what was important. As he reflected, he realized just how important one's health truly is and that minimizing pain and stress is critical in living a healthy lifestyle. Anthony saw a career as an RMT as a means to positively impact the lives of others by helping to reduce their pain/discomfort, manage their stress and, ultimately, live their best lives.

Registered Massage Session with Anthony….

Anthony loves the investigative process and the art of merging his assessment findings with your goals to develop a plan that best addresses your primary complaints.  

Furthermore, he has a genuine passion for working with the older adult population, emphasizing maintaining and building function to ensure the ongoing enjoyment of all that life has to offer! He loves to treat patients who might be recovering athletes or anyone that is just looking for a day to day relaxation massage.

A little bit about Anthony….

Whether it be his trip to Tuscany, listening to some Jazz/R&B music, playing with his 2-year-old Shiba Inu or a meditation session, Anthony sees the importance of doing the things you enjoy to live a balanced, healthy life. Having played soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, badminton AND table tennis, Anthony is no stranger to physical activity and it is no surprise that the one piece of wellness advice he lives by is…..

‘Use it or lose it”

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