Nicole Yuen - Registered Massage Therapist

Location: North Burnaby
Languages: English

The more I work with bodies the more I’m amazed at how complex and unique and unfathomably weird they are, and also at the staggering possibilities contained within them.  As an RMT, I see my role as helping my patients find that potential, whether by improving biomechanics, decreasing pain, facilitating recovery from injury, or reducing stress.

I am an adult-onset exerciser — and a clumsy one at that — and so have first-hand experience with the pains of both the active and the inactive. 

My interests range from sports injuries and performance (I’m also a personal trainer), to peripheral nerve pathologies and chronic pain conditions (and, of course, the ubiquitous desk worker’s neck).   I have a strong geeky streak and take a lot of extra courses and workshops from a number of different disciplines to help broaden and deepen my understanding of the body, and to add more tools to my therapeutic toolkit.  

When I’m not working or taking more classes, I spend my time working out, snacking, reading, hanging out with my family, and trying in vain to remove the cat hair from my clothes.

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