Active Rehab


Recovering from an injury, be it a workplace or motor vehicle accident, can be a difficult process. During this time, you need a professional, supportive team behind you to help you recover quickly and fully. At Total Therapy, our highly-trained physiotherapists and multidisciplinary staff can provide you with the care you need to get back on your feet again.

Kinesiologists play an integral role in the later stages of the recovery process for any serious injury. Our university-educated kinesiologists combine the principles of biomechanics with their knowledge of human anatomy to help you progress through your recovery quickly and safely using these CORE principles:

(C)ustomized Treatment Plans – As an active rehabilitation client, you are thoroughly assessed by our kinesiologists and have a personalized treatment plan developed for you that addresses your needs and goals.

(O)ptimal Communication – At Total Therapy, you are an equal partner in any treatment plan. We pride ourselves on dialogue and consultation so that your needs are met. We also establish contact with other practitioners such as your physiotherapist and doctor to ensure that any relevant information regarding your case is effectively communicated and shared, providing you with a comprehensive and coherent treatment plan.

(R)esults & Quality Assurance – All kinesiologists at Total Therapy undergo several months of in-staff training prior to working with active rehabilitation clients. Quality of service is guaranteed by our skilled group of practitioners from start to finish.

(E)xercise Compliance – Our goal is to foster independence and provide you with a program that you find challenging and engaging. We give you both the tools and the support you need to stay motivated and work independently, so you maintain the gains you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

A doctor’s referral is required for active rehabilitation. We offer active rehabilitation services out of our North Burnaby, Metrotown, and North Vancouver locations. Please contact us for more information!

Active Rehab Service and Fee Schedule

Rates Effective October 22, 2018

Type Description Fee
Private (Gym) Complimentary Phone Consultation (30 min)
One-on-One (60 min)
One-on-One (45 min)
One-on-One (30 min)
Group training (60 min)
Group training (45 min)
Group training (30 min)
ICBC Visit Fee (Gym)
Visit Fee (Pool), plus facility drop-in fee
Private (Pool) Same as private gym rates, plus facility drop-in fee

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