What is hydrotherapy?

  • Personalized, one-on-one aquatic exercise with a kinesiologist experienced in the full spectrum of fitness and abilities.
  • Supportive, low-impact exercise designed to improve your strength, balance, and weight bearing capacity.
  • Hydrotherapy is available to private-paying clients and as an ICBC active rehab program. (Please note, we do not provide hydrotherapy for WorkSafe BC claims).
  • We currently offer hydrotherapy at two local community centres: Bonsor Recreation Centre and Delbrook Community Recreation Centre.

Is hydrotherapy right for me?

  • If you are recovering from a serious injury or surgery, have chronic pain, limited mobility or compromised balance, hydrotherapy is an ideal way to ease into your rehab or fitness program.
  • Hydrotherapy is a safe, low-impact form of exercise to improve flexibility, strength, and mobility.

What will my first appointment look like?

  • Your initial appointment will be a 15-30 minute complimentary phone consultation with a kinesiologist. During this consultation you will learn about the program, discuss your symptoms, health history, and exercise experience.
  • Your first in-person session will take place in the clinic, and will include a comprehensive physical assessment. You will leave with a clear understanding of your treatment plan and your next steps.

How will I progress?

  • Your kinesiologist will book your subsequent visits for 30-45 minutes in one of the recreation centres mentioned above.
  • We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to ensure you get your full in-pool time.
  • Your kinesiologist will work within your tolerated pain level and range of motion to design a treatment plan that adapts to you.
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Hydrotherapy Service and Fee Schedule

Rates Effective January 15, 2024

Type Description Fee
Private Complimentary Phone Consultation (30 min)
One-on-One (45 min)
One-on-One (30 min)
$100+drop-in fee
$88+drop-in fee
ICBC Visit Fee (Pool) $21.90

The Total Therapy hydrotherapy program is a personalized aquatic exercise program conducted by a practicing kinesiologist. Your therapist will create a treatment plan to help improve function, aid in rehabilitation and get you back to your activities of daily living. This program can be delivered on its own or in conjunction with other treatment modalities. Your therapist will instruct, monitor and progress your exercise program and will ensure you reach the ability to sustain an independent exercise regime. The duration of your program will depend on the severity of your condition, your fitness level and your individual needs.

Hydrotherapy uses the therapeutic properties of water to improve flexibility, strength and mobility. This program is a great fit for those who have limited mobility, inability to weight bear, or have a restricted range of motion.

Click here for more information on the ICBC Active Rehab program.

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