Fitness Appraisal Testing

Is a fitness appraisal right for me?

  • Whether you’re recovering from an old injury, starting a new sport, or just want to get in shape, a baseline assessment of your fitness is a great place to start.
  • Our kinesiologists are experienced with the full range of fitness levels, and will customize your appraisal to reflect your interests and meet you where you are.

What will my appraisal look like?

  • Your first appointment with your Kinesiologist will be a 15-30 minute complimentary phone consultation, during which you will discuss your goals, health history, and exercise experience.
  • Based on your discussion, your kinesiologist will design a 60-minute in-clinic assessment to test your body composition, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal strength, and functional movement, and any additional areas of interest.

How do I progress?

  • In your follow-up visit, your kinesiologist will go through your printed results report and make personalized recommendations to help you reach your goals.
  • With your results in hand, you can make an informed decision on the best training option for your schedule, fitness, and interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fitness Appraisal Testing

What are the benefits of completing the Fitness Appraisal?

The Fitness Appraisal at Total Therapy is a great starting point for setting your fitness goals. Whether you are a high level athlete or just getting started, the Appraisal can be adapted to fit your needs and identify key areas that can be improved.

What is included in the Appraisal?

  • A one hour assessment of your posture, body composition, movement skills, strength and cardiovascular health
  • A printed report of your results with recommendations from a Practicing Kinesiologist
  • A 30 minute follow up session to review your results and if time permits, we will go over a few exercises to help you work towards your goals.

Is it possible to have my follow up appointment sooner then 1 week after the assessment?

Once you have completed the assessment, it is preferred that you give your body time to recover and see how you feel. Additionally, it will allow time for your kinesiologist to put together your results package and prepare for your follow-up appointment. If you have an extenuating circumstance would like to have your follow up sooner, please discuss with your therapist and they will do their best to accommodate.

How often should I complete the appraisal?

A second Appraisal 3 to 6 months after your initial Appraisal is a great opportunity to assess your progress and continue to update your fitness goals.

What are the components are tested during the Appraisal?

  • Health History & Goals
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Muscular Strength Testing
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Testing

What should I wear to my assessment?

For your assessment it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily. Runners and socks are preferred for footwear as you will be running and part of the assessment will be completed in bare or socked feet.

How long is the initial assessment and follow-up?

Your initial assessment will take approximately 1 hour and your follow up session will be 1 30 minute appointment. During the follow-up appointment, your Kinesiologist will review your results and answer all of your questions. Your session may also include some exercise time in the gym, time permitting.

Can you email me my assessment results?

To obtain your results, you must attend your follow up session. This is to ensure that the results are properly understood and that you can get the most out of your assessment. You will receive a paper copy of your results package during your follow-up session and can request an email copy at this time as well.

Why do I need a GP referral? And what if I already submitted a GP referral to your clinic; do I need to visit my doctor again before attending the assessment?

If you have a health condition that may be affected by vigorous exercise, your kinesiologist may request a referral from your GP before completing the Appraisal. Please ensure you discuss your health history, medications, and any previous injuries with your kinesiologist during your complimentary consultation.

Is it okay to complete the Fitness Appraisal if I have an injury?

The fitness appraisal is a physically challenging assessment that is meant to be completed when you are in good health and is not recommended for the injured population. If you are interested in completing the Appraisal but have a current injury, please book a regular assessment with one of our providers.

I have a physical limitation that prevents me from participating in part of the assessment; can the assessment be modified or shortened? (ie. Bike instead of treadmill)

The Total Therapy Fitness Appraisal can be modified in many ways. Whether it is due to a physical limitation or due to interest in a specific area of the testing, there are modifications we can make to ensure the testing best fits you. You will receive a phone call in the days prior to your assessment from the Kinesiologist who will be completing your assessment. During this phone call, please ensure to let us know if you have any concerns about the assessment.

I’ve never exercised before; will the Kinesiologist teach me during the assessment?

You will not need to have any previous knowledge about exercise prior to your assessment. Our Kinesiologists will work with your needs so that you are able to complete the assessment successfully. After your assessment, your Kinesiologist may go through recommendations that help improve your results. After completing your follow up, you are welcome and encouraged to book subsequent sessions to continue progressing your exercises and to learn new ones!

Is it okay to schedule my assessment on the same day as a physio/massage/chiro session?

It is recommended that you complete the assessment prior to attending other appointments. Due to the nature of this assessment, you may not perform as well after receiving treatment by another therapist. You can, however, see another practitioner after your assessment has been completed.

Does the body composition portion involve any pinching?

We do not use pinching techniques such as skinfold testing for our assessment. Most of the body composition testing will be done using a bioelectrical impedance scale (this technique measures the flow of a non-invasive, low electric current through your body tissue, which can then be used to estimate your body composition), therefore the only testing that will involve measurements is waist girth, which is done using a tape measure.

Can I use the results of my assessment in any part of a return-to-work program?

Our Fitness Appraisal is a private program and cannot be billed directly through ICBC or WSBC at this time. Please follow up with your insurance provider for further information surrounding this. However, your results may assist you in determining if you are ready for your return or establish areas that you need to make improvement in prior to your return.

Can I bill my extended health insurance for the Fitness Appraisal?

If you have coverage for Kinesiology services, you may be able to submit your receipt to your benefits provider for reimbursement.  

Will the Kinesiologist design an exercise program for me, or do I have to come back for additional sessions after my follow-up?

During your fitness appraisal follow up session, the Kinesiologist will review some exercises with you that can help you towards your goals. If you would like to progress your exercises or to get a complete routine it is recommended that you book a subsequent session with the Kinesiologist that did your assessment.

Fitness Appraisal Testing Fee Schedule

Rates Effective September 18, 2023

Type Description Fee
Private Initial Assessment (60 Minutes)
Subsequent Results Interpretation (30 Minutes)


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