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Well organized and professional approach. Dr. Brar is [a] very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant person.

~ Ivan

Heather is not just a great Physiotherapist but she is also a true healer. I have been treated by Heather for [a] concussion and her treatments that combine IMS with Acupuncture help me a lot on my road to recovery.

~ Lily

Dr. Simar Brar, the Chiropractor at [Metrotown], is extremely skilled. She tailors her treatment each time. Not a one-size-fits-all Chiropractor. I highly recommend her.

~ Nikoo

Trevor is a very knowledgeable physiotherapist. Would recommend for treatment. Vince is also a great RMT. I recommend both for either treatments.

~ Massimo

I had just three therapy sessions with Trevor Lai, and it did the miracle – my foot pain is gone!
Thank you Trevor for great treatment!

~ Dmitri

Great place and great receptionist. My therapist Trevor is 100% dedicated to getting me back to a healthy body! Very happy with the service.

~ Jason

Total Therapy is a one-stop place for all of your health care needs. The front office staff are friendly, professional and welcoming. Colin (physio) and Dr. Maria Fabbro (naturopath) provide the best care possible. They are knowledgeable, caring, and patient. Everyone who works here is amazing!

~ Gordana

Excellent service, great customer service.

~ Owen

Very professional and friendly service at all levels from reception to RMT.

I appreciated Archer’s ability to provide deep tissue massage in a sustained way as I often have deep knots that require significant strength and endurance to work out.
Feeling great after my first session with Archer. Thank you Archer and Total Therapy!

~ Andrew

Alex is one of the best staff they have there. He was so friendly and patient with me. He tried everything to figure out what [could] be the cause of my constant knee pain, and gave me the best treatment that helped solve my problem.

~ Ayushee

Just had a chiropractic session here, it felt great and staff were helpful and professional, 11/10

~ TK

The staff are very friendly and professional. I’d recommend you visit them if needed.

~ Robert

Got [a] 90 min RMT session and it was one of the best RMT sessions [I’ve] ever had. Very relaxing and very efficient. Would recommend Chad to everyone.

~ Passang

Heather is very professional, caring and skilled in her field and she’s a healer.

~ Vaf

Dr Fabbro is very professional and knowledgeable!

~ Aφροδίτη

Mark showed me how the bones in my arm worked in conjunction with the muscles, and gave me many different stretches to loosen the tightness after the surgery I had recently received. Gives me hope for almost a full recovery. Very thankful.

~ Dave

I rarely leave reviews, but the service I received was excellent. Tonya and Alex truly have a spirit of service and are experts in what they do. Many thanks to both of them.

~ Hugo

Vince is a master RMT who helps me stay healthy and active.

~ Philip

Nicole is the best massage therapist in Burnaby! She’s very knowledgeable and super friendly.

~ Hidemi

I had two sessions with Trevor Lai. He was professional, knowledgeable, and successfully addressed my needs.

~ Joel

I have a recurring injury that needs attention every now and then. I have been going to Christian for years. He works very hard, is detailed, [and] I feel cared for. He is personable and respectful. I highly recommend him. I also find that the reception team is very friendly and professional at all times.

~ Marcella

Christian Morin is the best! He’s super helpful and kind. He listens to you and totally understands what you need, then gives you good treatment and advice! He treated my chronic neck pain and [knee] injury. I really appreciate Christian and I will definitely recommend him to anyone seeking expert care!

~ W

Dr. Duriell Bernard is a super professional. He has an inquisitive mind, which leads him to find the origin of our discomfort. Thank you Duriell!!!!

~ Simone

Trevor Lai helped me with a twisted ankle. Very happy with the interactions and good increasing exercises to help with my recovery. I have been to Total Therapy for a number of different injuries [and] they have a good range of staff [at] very accessible times. They are my go to in Burnaby

~ Matt

Very helpful, competent, professional and easy to work with.

~ Susan

Patiently listens to the problems and attends to every area that needs to be corrected. Also, [advises] some required light exercises that help the healing process.

~ Francis

I was very thankful Andrew could fit me in, as I could hardly walk and was in great pain. Andrew took his time to evaluate what was wrong and performed several procedures. I had much more mobility when I left and I can still feel the improvement this morning.

~ Carole

The staff at the Metrotown location are super knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I actually look forward to my appointments as it’s always a great experience.

~ Gary

Amazing first visit for my current problem.
Positive [and] energetic. Heather made me hopeful that my knee pain will be resolved. Thanks for your care and advice [on] exercises and daily activities!
I highly recommend Total Therapy!

~ Ruth

I highly recommend going to see Jameson Bui! At each appointment, Jameson ensured that treatment was specific to my concerns and prioritized my comfort. He provided continuous treatment by communicating the progress we’ve made since my first appointment. I really appreciate his holistic approach to treatment and often provided relevant exercise and stretches, along with thoroughly explaining their benefits. Thanks Jameson!!

~ Venus

I have been a client of Colin for many years. I always receive prompt service and excellent personalized treatment that makes me feel better along with the stretches/exercises I can do to further my recovery. I confidently recommend Colin to friends and family.

~ Michele

Mark was excellent. He listened intently when I explained my injury and then assessed me thoroughly. He used a visual 3D app to show the muscles and joints involved with my condition. Then followed up with [an] assessment of my ROM and introduced appropriate exercises and stretches while noting my level of discomfort. Next, he massaged my lower back and recognized where inflammation and tension were prevalent. Finally, he used TENS to help treat my lower back. I left the appointment feeling less pain and more hopeful. He did not overwhelm me with too much homework, rather manageable and encouraging.

~ Jeff

Tonya always go above and beyond.

~ Manjit

Amazing results after the very first session, supported by the subsequent one! I feel like my body is my own again, and the stiffness is gone. Tanya’s professionalism is paired with outstanding personal qualities making her a perfect RMT. Highly recommended!

~ Olga

I’ve been a patient of Mark for many years and his work, advice, time, expertise and much more including being helpful and personable has never changed. I’m always coming away feeling much better and being encouraged on my way to recovery – however small or large. I can only recommend him and his team!

~ Heidi

Professional, great etiquette. Would recommend Jameson to anyone looking for a genuinely good RMT.

~ Kaitlynn

I was recommended [to see] Dr. Bernard after [my] automobile double rear-ender symptoms worsened after a year. He is truly dedicated to supporting his clients. Thanks to him – I feel that I am heard and my experiences are valid.

~ Carollynn

Very friendly environment. Professional services.

~ Karolína

Vincent is an excellent RMT – he always goes above and beyond – is polite, friendly, kind and really knows his stuff. You can tell he cares for people and is passionate yet extremely professional at his job! I recommend him whole heartedly!!

~ Marnie

[Michael Ma] is the best! Highly recommended.

~ Ruby

Excellent massage by Rebecca. [Knowledgeable] and caring. Very nice person.

~ Sharlene

Amazing experience and very skillful therapists. Always [a] great experience.

~ Rodica

I really appreciate Alex’s care, kindness, knowledge, manners, abilities, direction. [He is] easy to talk with and explain[ed] instructions well. I was pleased.

~ Grace

I met with Mark and had a very informative appointment. I have been struggling with shoulder, back and neck pain and Mark was able to assess my situation and provide me with exercises to help decrease my discomfort. I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to address my physical concerns.

~ Julie

I would strongly say Christian is the best Physio. [He] understands clients’ weaknesses and [helps] you leave the clinic with confidence. Best of all, he emails home exercises which he reviews [the] next visit. He’s [performed] miracles on my painful knee – which I had no belief [that] arthritis can be fixed! Christian is amazing!

~ Triphonia

[Registered Massage Therapist], Ananya, is great and is the reason I am coming over and over again.

~ Mirjana

Been coming here for close to a couple years now. Antony Tsang is a great Kinesiologist that understands your body and teaches you form and technique to go about on your own individual strength training at home. Highly recommend this place.

~ Kiran

Archer is great! He’s helped so much in my recovery from a car accident and always makes sure I’m comfortable.

~ Molly

I’ve been going here for chiropractic [care], physio, and massage for five years now. Everyone is super friendly, caring, knowledgeable and helpful.

~ Hazel

I would just like to commend Jameson Bui for being an incredible RMT. I have visited a ton of RMT’s over the years in different [cities] but I was extremely impressed from the get go with Jameson. Jameson, on my first visit, conducted a thorough assessment of the areas where I was feeling discomfort and/or pain. He took the time to patiently listen to my needs and tailor RMT sessions focusing on the problematic areas. He would even take time after the session was over to listen to how the progress with my stretching was going, and continue to give great advice on what I can continue doing, when I’m at home, or at the gym to help with the discomfort and tightness/soreness. Throughout the whole process, I felt like I was in good hands. I appreciated the time Jameson took to explain what stretching exercises I can do at home, even as going as far as emailing me on his time off with detailed notes of how to stretch certain parts of my body and how it can be beneficial for my health. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is searching for an RMT to give Jameson Bui a shot, you won’t be disappointed. I will keep coming back!!

~ Tanwar

The combination of ethics, knowledge, and professionalism [come together] in Nicole. If you are looking for a very unique RMT, I highly recommend Nicole. [Her] treatment is [beyond] the expectation. Thanks.

~ Mozhgan

[Ananya Perry is] nice, friendly and know[s] what the client needs.

~ Nanny

I appreciate the exceptional care I received from Trevor during my physiotherapy sessions. In order to recover from my knee replacement surgery, Trevor patiently guide[d] me through each exercise, listened to my concerns, and answered them sincerely with his knowledge. After 10 [sessions], my knee condition improved, my leg regained strength, and now I am getting back to my normal life.

~ Beniyo

Had a massage therapy session today with Jameson Bui and I was very impressed with him. He took the time to thoroughly explain all my questions and concerns and was very attentive to my needs. I felt very well taken care of during my entire visit and my body was feeling much lighter and relaxed after. [What] impressed me the most was Jameson going past the allotted time slot to make sure I had understood all the stretches and exercises that I needed to do to improve my condition. He even took time after hours to email all the instructions with pictures. Talk about a rock star! Highly recommend Jameson Bui to anyone seeking RMT!

~ Louis

Rebecca was super nice and did a great job help[ing] [relieve me] from my shoulder pain.

~ AJ

Excellent service. Kevin and Chad had the information typed for me to read as I am Deaf. I felt so equal and respected. I am very satisfied with his massage and I felt like a feather. Tension-free now. Definitely coming back!

~ Imran

Andrew Yuen is a very knowledgeable physiotherapist. He is great at his work. I strongly recommend [him].

~ Winnie

Alex makes me [feel] comfortable and and is very knowledgeable. His main focus is the patients wellness.

~ Kelly

Heather was wonderful, she really listened. I have only had one session, but that one session has helped me start to conquer my fear of the pain after my car accident. I look forward to getting stronger.

~ Laura

Colin [is] incredibly friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Friendly front desk staff, really comfortable facility – I’m really glad I found this place, would highly recommend!

~ Jason

Colin was excellent, front desk was very friendly. I was worried about going because I was afraid that anything he did would be painful but he was very gentle and explained things clearly. I’m really glad that I went, and look forward to more visits and getting back to some semblance of how I used to be.

~ Claire

I have chronic shoulder and neck pain due to my profession as a dentist. Having been to several physiotherapists in the past for the same problem I decided to try this clinic. In just few sessions and with some home exercises, my pain was so much better in a much shorter time than I had experienced previously. I would definitely recommend this rehabilitation centre, specifically Christian Morin.

~ Az

I appreciate that [Dr. Bernard] is thorough, [and] doesn’t feel like he’s rushing the session (uncommon these days). [He] takes the time to answer questions and his explanations use understandable language. I also appreciate his overall “real person” approach over an impenetrable professional approach. All this… and the treatment is working.

~ Katherine

The personnel of physiotherapists and kinesiologists at the clinic that have treated me have always been competent and generous of their knowledge.

~ Christian

Kevin is great at what he does, I highly recommend [him] for massage.

~ Elias

Had a great visit today with Mark. Got me all tuned up so I can do my daily task[s]. Thanks Mark and team!

~ Tino

Total Therapy exceeded my expectations with their skilled and professional RMT’s. They provided excellent treatments tailored to my needs, leaving me feeling rejuvenated. The administrative team was incredibly welcoming and accommodating, making the experience even more enjoyable. I highly recommend Total Therapy for their top-notch service.

Thank you, Total Therapy!

~ Emma

I sure appreciate all that Colin is doing for me. He is the best physiotherapist I have ever been to.

~ Wayne

Mark was so thorough and went above and beyond to help me get better! You can tell he truly wants to help others.

~ Wendy

Christian is one of the best physiotherapist[s] I know.

~ Jesen

Highly recommend Estevan Garcia. Professional, kind, knowledgeable and above all a great guy to help tackle any pain you need to address.

~ EJ

Marina is very kind, thorough, understanding and knowledgeable! She asked and explains things well! I am so glad I got and talk to her! She is definitely an asset

~ Maria

Trevor was very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. Thank you!

~ Cynthia

[Trevor] help[ed] me recover from muscle pain and also [provided] suggestion[s] to improve my stride length. I improved my pace from 5:00 to 4:40 for 13 km running.

~ Chengyao

Alex is an excellent physiotherapist. He provided great direction on how to deal with a hand injury, feeling better already!

~ Gareth

Very knowledgeable and friendly practitioners.

~ Emilee

I’ve been a patient of Mark for many years and his work / advice / time / expertise and much more including being helpful and personable has never changed. I’m always [leaving] feeling much better and being encouraged on my way to recovery. I can only recommend him and his team!

~ Heidi

Dr. Bernard is one of the kind of chiropractic doctors that are hard to find! I was lucky to rely on his expertise twice in the course of the last 10 months, due to fairly serious athletic (grappling, BJJ) injuries – a meniscus tear and the recent shoulder injury. In both cases, my situation was such that I felt I’d be out of the line-up for at least 3-4 months, no training, slow path to recovery. But Duriell not only accurately diagnosed the injury in the first assessment session (later confirmed by an MRI scan), but immediately proceeded to apply the needed therapy, restoring me to almost 90% mobility in the affected area within the first 3-4 sessions. With my first, meniscus injury I was back to training in 6-7 weeks and my knee still going strong. With the second injury, shoulder tendons, two weeks ago, I was restored to almost 90% of my full capacity, after the first 3 sessions (first week) and will start my slow paced return to BJJ training with full recovery expected. Two weeks ago I couldn’t use my right arm at all, suffering from horrendous, debilitating shoulder pain, no sleep for three straight days/night, swelling down the entire arm, pinched nerve shooting pain starting in the shoulder all the way down to the wrist. Two weeks and 5 sessions later, doing push-ups and pull-ups, 20 reps at a time – though cautiously, but still, back to normal. It feels like a miracle, but really it’s Dr. Bernard full spectrum expertise at work! Not a bit of exaggeration, just facts. Thank you!!!

~ Denis

I had my assessment with Andrew Yuen, the physiotherapist yesterday. He was patient, professional, and knowledgeable. He had me to do some exercises to assess my current body condition. Thank you for your help!

~ Patrick

Dr. Bernard cares about his patients and always uses different techniques to improve function and to allow better mobility. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Bernard’s help. Very grateful!

~ Annette

[Michael] knows exactly what he is doing in a very professional way. He makes time to ask [for] concern[s] and how I feel after the session.

~ Marizel

Tonya is wonderful with both myself and my daughter!

~ Ma

I was recommended seeking Dr. Bernard after an automobile double rear-ender symptoms worsened after a year. He is truly dedicated to supporting his clients. Thanks to him – I feel that I am heard and my experiences are valid. Thank you! :)

~ Carollynn

I have been suffering from pain in my right shoulder for many years[…] but during two or three sessions of Dr. Duriell’s visit[s], I [feel] that 70% percent of the pain has decreased and I have improved.

~ Bhmam

Total Therapy Metrotown is amazing! The staff [are] so kind and welcoming. I come here for massage therapy and I highly, highly recommend Jameson. He’s super friendly, professional and listens intently to your issues. The stretches and exercises he suggests after appointments have worked wonders and my chronic pain has minimized so much it no longer affects my daily life. My experience with him is always so pleasant and I always come out feeling like a new human!

~ Jocelyn

Great service!!! Pearl is fantastic.

~ Beant

Since my car accident last January, I have basically lived at TT. The team has been wonderful and supportive during this journey and make it easier for me to cope with my symptoms. Shout outs to Archer, Trevor, Duriell, and Marina!

~ Carollynn

I have had around 8 appointments with Shawn and each time I’m amazed [at] how good he is, and his method of treatment is very unique and works great! Also, I like Shawn’s personality. I’m very happy I found such a great specialist.

~ Larissa

Loretta is very attentive. Knowledgeable and able to help reduce my pain on my right shoulder and arm.

~ Jocelyn

Andrew is fantastic. Always assuring checking on your needs. Thorough in [their] search of problems/solutions to heal my body.

~ Doel

Alleviated my back pain. Provided extensive information on the types of exercises I should be doing. Very friendly staff and [physiotherapist, Alex].

~ Anna

Real expertise and service provided with a smile and a good sense of humour. Total faith in Mark.

~ Dennis

Have always found Total Therapy a great knowledgeable professional place to help us get back to functional physical levels

~ Duane

I’ve been going to Total Therapy for years for RMT work and started Physio today. The session was exceptional, Heather addressed all my concerns and gave me some excellent exercises to strengthen my knee. I have been to several massage and physio places before, but these people are top notch and provide unsurpassed service. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing and deep tissue massage or physiotherapy.

~ Isak

I went to see Christian, the physiotherapist, based on a referral. I had a great experience from being welcomed at the door early morning by the front desk to a detailed assessment by him. It was a 1-1 rather than a group one so my time was not wasted. I felt cared for and I look forward to returning for my next treatment.

~ Sonia

Colin is a great professional and I am happy to have him as my physiotherapist. I have had the opportunity to have therapy with other therapists and it cannot be compared to him. He knows what he is talking about, goes above and beyond with his knowledge and advice. Thank you Colin.

~ Olivera

I’ve had Loretta for different physio needs and she’s always made me feel comfortable and at ease. My confidence in her training and experience has never wavered. She is laser focused and explains what she will do as she goes along. I never gave a thought to having acupuncture but when she recommended it, I didn’t hesitate to consider it as an option, because of the trust that had been built through previous work done. I would recommend Loretta to any friend :)

~ Twila

I have been seeing Estevan for massage therapy for a few months now, and it has always been a wonderful experience. Estevan is incredibly attentive and makes sure to address all of my concerns and problem areas. I have been getting results that last longer compared to my previous treatments with various massage therapists. He also provided suggestions for exercises to help with my neck pain and posture and I found them very helpful. I highly recommend Estevan to anyone looking for a skilled and caring massage therapist.

~ Shirin

Best place for massage in Burnaby.

~ Shahrukh

I love coming here! Staff are always kind and welcoming and the Chiropractors are amazing, specifically Dr. Nellis & Dr. Brar. I would recommend!

~ Ky

Very happy with [my acupuncturist], Alex. He is caring, very professional and very knowledgeable.

~ Balbinder

From the moment I arrived, the therapist (Estevan) made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He took the time to understand my specific needs and concerns before starting the session. [Estevan] was very attentive to my body’s responses throughout the session and made adjustments as needed to ensure that I was comfortable and getting the most out of the massage.
Also the reception team are always very friendly and respectful.

~ Bahar

Totally Therapy North Burnaby – especially Estevan and Christian, [are] a critical component of my total health plan. They are professional, fun, and extremely skilled. [They] help me be the best and most healthy version of myself.

~ Chris

My physio, [Alex], was friendly and very helpful for my injury recovery. I appreciate not being pressured to return if my injury heals with the recommended exercises and rest. I’d choose this team again in the future!

~ Stefanie

Love this clinic. Staff are caring and supportive,
and teach and explain your injury.
Thank you very much.

~ Maria

Total therapy Metrotown is very clean with friendly staff. I started seeing Chad in the beginning of the year for constant muscle tightness as I am horrible at stretching before and after workouts. Chad listens and understands my needs and is always so professional, knowledgable and personable. I highly recommend him!

~ Fionne

Mark has been our family’s physio for a number of years and we travel across the city to see him only. Absolutely the very best, and I have been to many many before him.

~ David

Great staff especially my acupuncturist, Alex Hui. Good location, good environment, and expert worker.

~ Cecilia

Pearl was great and super accommodating! She makes the environment a no judgement safe zone. We talked the whole time and the treatment went by so quick that I didn’t wanna leave!

~ Kyrstyn

I had a wonderful massage at Total Therapy from Pearl Dar. She was very welcoming and committed to providing me with treatment that addressed my needs. I will definitely book again and I would recommend Total Therapy to others.

~ Julie

Dr. Bernard is a star! Without his assistance during my rehab I would not be able to walk or manage a work day sitting. He is knowledgable and professional and very personable.

~ Annette

Loretta Yeung treated my dad‘s legs pain, really appreciate her patience and expertise.

~ Ay

Perfectly planned sessions, made an amazing progress thanks to guidance by Christian.

~ Magdalena

Tonya goes above and beyond.

~ Manjit

I had a wonderful massage at Total Therapy from Pearl Dar. She was very welcoming and committed to providing me with treatment that addressed my needs. I will definitely book again and I would recommend Total Therapy to others.

~ Julie

Dr. Bernard is a star! Without his assistance during my rehab I would not be able to walk or manage a work day sitting. He is knowledgable and professional and very personable.

~ Annette

Mark is an excellent health care provider. He is caring, knowledgeable with great sense of humour. He is a “hand-on” therapist, he uses machines only when one is absolutely necessary. The problems at my old age are all musculoskeletal. I went through a number of therapists, kept changing due to various reasons until a friend advised me about Mark. Since then I have seen him regularly when ever I have needed him; my faith in his competence has never wavered over these years. He does not mind me making videos of all the exercises he prescribes. Those videos help me remember various exercises to do at home. It feels good to have a reliable health care provider. In addition, Total Therapy is well managed; it is neat and clean. It is a comfortable place to go.

~ Parveen

Nico is very positive and has exercises geared to your areas of injury.
Vincent is the best massage therapist. He knows how to tackle my problems and is a wonderful human.

~ Annette

Mark was great. He was technically sound in his explanations of different movements which I appreciated. His combination of humour and tips for better health was great to hear. I enjoyed my session and I would recommend Mark. He is experienced and knows what he is talking about!!

~ Steve

Tanya did a great job. After walking out I could not feel any more pain in lower back.

~ Laura

I found Heather to be very personable & I really liked that she explained what the exercises did to improve my plantar fasciitis condition. I definitely feel encouraged that this painful & frustrating condition is going to improve.

~ Elaine

Have had great experiences with my physiotherapist, Trevor Lai. He is knowledgeable and thorough with his assessments + treatment. Also gave me some great exercises to do at home – would recommend!

~ J

I started my treatment with a lot of pain in my back and neck. In the middle of the treatment I already felt much better. I just finished and I can say that now I am 100% better, no pain anymore. The clinic is clean, friendly staff, and Trevor is very professional. English is not my first language, so I was nervous if I were able to properly explain my pain, but he was very patient and kind. That meant a lot.

~ Ana

This is a very professional business, I have been here quite a few times now, and every time the staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating. Special shout out to Mark Kroeger, keep up the great work!

~ Chris

Had a very good experience. Great customer support. Nicely mannered staff.

~ Ramin

Mark is an incredible physiotherapist

~ Rob

Colin is fantastic! He spent time listening to my health issues, he gave me some great exercises and advised of next steps. He was very encouraging and I left feeling hopeful. I would highly recommend Colin and Total Therapy!!

~ Salima

The staff here are very knowledgeable and supportive of my journey with chronic pain as well. They are excellent Kins and everyone that works in the clinic is very friendly. Highly recommend going here!

~ Montana

My team at Total Therapy is awesome! I saw Christian for physio for many months to decrease the pain I was having in my hips, knees and foot from a couple of injuries. Christian worked with me weekly, adapting my therapy depending on the amount of pain I was in and pushed me when I was able to do more.
Once I was free of the daily pain, Christian referred me to Nico to move into a more active rehab program. I am seeing improvements each week with Nico’s guidance and so happy to have these skilled professionals leading me to better health! Nico has been just as understanding as Christian with my physical limitations, showing patience and adapting my program to support recovery.

~ Hilary

Love this place! The front staff are awesome and the physios are the best. I always get the best care here and have made long lasting relationships with those who have treated me. Under cover parking is free behind the building. If you are looking for a Physio I recommend Christian Morin. I go to him for any injuries I’ve [obtained] over the years playing soccer. Super personable and has a wealth of knowledge, a true professional in his field!

In addition I have to shout out Katrina Kwai for Exercise Rehabilitation. When I first met her a couple years back, I came in to build up a little bit of strength so I could stop rolling my ankles during soccer season. Not only did my annual ankle roles stop occurring, but I continued to see Kat and my love for weightlifting grew. She made me strive to be stronger and helped me grow muscle over the years I’ve known her. I was someone who feared upper body “bulkiness on women” but she was able to open my eyes to the potential of being muscular as a female and love it. Can’t give a higher recommendation as for seeing Kat. She is friendly and extremely kind, takes the time to teach you technique and pushes your limits in a way you feel comfortable and are able to progress. I just reached my PR of 405lbs for my hip thrusts and it’s all thanks to her. She has now become a true friend to me and it’s in your best interest to see her. Also, my entire family comes to her for training :)

~ Alexis

I am a huge advocate to Total therapy locations, if you need to see a physio I highly recommend Trevor Lai. After multiple instances where I have injured myself during the latest soccer season, Trevor had helped me discover the problem, then implemented a program for me to regain full mobility so I could keep participating (within short recovery spans). He is a caring physio who checked up on me regularly and he has carved out time to get me an appointment when I’ve been in a pinch. Truly dedicated to his work and his knowledge really shines through when I’ve had difficult injuries pile on and needed assistance/ the best advice to recover quickly.

~ Alexis

Pearl is wonderful, she is so friendly and so good at explaining the process. I felt I was in good hands immediately and I was right!

~ Amanda

I can’t say anything but complimentary things about the level of care and professionalism I’ve received from everyone I’ve seen here.

I see Vincent Lam for massage on a regular basis, and I’ve seen Dr. Duriell Bernard for chiropractic care from time to time. I’ve known both gentlemen for years: They’ve seen me at my lowest with injuries and at my best for maintenance of my musculoskeletal system to support all my physical activities. Whether for hands-on treatment or education about how the body works and how to take care of it, both Vincent and Duriell have definitely improved the quality of my life over the years.

I also saw Christian Morin, physiotherapist, for a couple of appointments when the area in and around my sesamoid bone in my foot flared up. With his IMS, ultrasound, mobilizations, and exercise recommendations, my foot got better quickly in a matter of weeks.

Overall, the caliber of care and service at this Total Therapy is brilliant. I’ve trusted my musculoskeletal system to their professionals’ expertise regularly, and I’ve always gotten excellent results!

~ Marc

Colin has a great disposition and really understands what treatments to work on wherever the issue may be. He is very knowledgeable and knows what to do on the road to recovery.
It is up to us as the patient to do the homework (strengthening and stretching). Thank you Colin you are a true professional.

~ Gary

Total Therapy is very friendly and a professional physiotherapy clinic. I have been very happy to receive quality care from Mark. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and takes the necessary time to explain the situation and treat the pain. Highly recommend Total Therapy!

~ Abdulla

I have a recurring injury that needs attention every now and then. I have been going to Christian for years. He works very hard and is detailed. I feel cared for. He is personable and respectful. I highly recommend him.

~ Marcella

Knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere and attitude of all. Varied equipment and techniques used

~ Eileen

Acupuncture cupping and massage done with Shawn’s excellent service professionalism and knowledge. Shawn helped me feel much better from the first appointment and his feedback were point on. Highly recommend Total Therapy services and Shawn. Their website is easy to navigate and booking.

~ Adriana

Best Rehabilitation Centre ever! Vincent is a top notch and effective massage therapist. So happy I go there. Mark helped my knee so much. It’s impossible to think what would have happened if he didn’t assess and treat. Absolutely worth going to Total Therapy.

~ Christina

Heather is a fantastic physio. Very professional and caring. Highly recommend her.

~ Laura

I am very happy with Total Therapy and the staff. They are very friendly and there is a positive atmosphere in the office.

My physiotherapist [Trevor] is a wonderful, polite and very friendly and professional guy. I have known him for over 2 years and he has helped me tremendously. I am very grateful for all his help.

I recommend Total Therapy to all my friends and family, and all the people I know. Thank you Total Therapy.

~ Hailu

I have been a client of Colin’s for many years now. He genuinely cares about his clients and I always leave confident that I will feel better. He is a great listener and always adapts his treatments accordingly. I would recommend Colin to anyone in need of a good physiotherapist.

~ Michele

I have been going to Pearl Dar for over a year and every treatment has been a good experience. She explains what she is going to work on and how. She is very kind, caring and personable. I have enjoyed my time and treatments with her. I would recommend her to my family and friends without any hesitation!

~ Sairoze

I am very happy after my physio appointment with Mark Kroeger today.
He was extremely thorough, went through everything in great detail and educated me on all I needed to know about preventing further injuries. Definitely one of the most valuable physio appointments I’ve ever had. I will be returning to follow up. Thank you Mark!

~ Fiona

Great staff especially my therapist Alex Qui. Good, location, good environment and expert worker.

~ Cecilia

The place is always clean and tidy. Cody is friendly and always helpful with suggestions of exercises for soreness and pain. I always feel better after his RMT sessions.

~ Ling

I’ve been going to Total Therapy and seeing Estevan for a few years following a car accident. His treatments are one of the main reasons that despite my injuries, I’m able to get back to doing the activities I love. Estevan approaches all of our sessions with a thoughtful, efficient and effective plan of attack. He is an integral part of my injury management team!

~ Lauren

After years of pain and not being able to see much improvement with other modality treatments, Nico’s caring demeanour and knowledge of body mechanics is giving me hope.

~ Irene

I suffer from a chronic neck injury and the practitioners at Total Therapy have helped immensely with both understanding and a wide range of treatment options.

~ David

I have been a patient at the clinic for awhile now and recently changed Physiotherapists since my old one moved away. It was recommended I book with Christian Morin. Since working with Christian, I have seen great improvements in my body and functionality through in clinic treatment and at home exercises provided with video demonstrations. Christian is genuine, personable, knowledgeable, and very thorough explaining treatment and exercises. The clinic in general is kept clean and tidy and the staff is always friendly.

~ Amanda

I have seen Shawn for accupuncture about 5 or 6 times now. He is very respectful and listens carefully what issues you are having and in return explains things in tremendous detail (usually with nice online diagrams!). He also tries to cram as much into an appt as possible so rest assured he’s not the type to just stick a few needles in you and then leave the room for 45 minutes. Total Therapy also has a super friendly front desk staff too. Thanks guys :)

~ Alan

I have been seeing Vince Lam for massage therapy for 8 years. He is a very knowledgeable, skilled and professional practitioner and has assisted my recovery from a number of injuries and overall wellness. I would highly recommend.

~ Karen

I worked through a course of physio sessions with Christian Morin who was so professional, honest about what I needed to do (and had been doing wrong!), and helped me so much in just a few sessions.

~ Ben

Tonya is very professional, empathic and kind. She is attentive and flexible, and ensures [the exercises] suit my physical capabilities. I have gotten much stronger and am grateful to have had her by my side through my recovery.
I would recommend Tonya and the whole team in a heart beat. Thank you for everything.

~ Oriaku

If I had to describe Shin’s technique in one word it would be “explorer”. He finds and treats spots that I didn’t even know hurt until he found them. Very professional and great table-side manor. Shin is my RMT of choice and I wouldn’t see anyone else.

~ Bret

Dr. Duriell greatly improved my range of motion the first time I saw him to the extent he almost got rid of my chronic lower back pain on [one] side. I was able to move much better [while playing tennis] and didn’t experience my usual PSOAS & tennis elbow pain afterward.

~ Julie

Tanya is very thorough and takes the time to find out exactly where the problem lies and suggests solutions to help. I feel that I will get some genuine improvement from my sessions with Tanya.

~ Linda

I have full movement back and no pain…it’s a miracle really.
Seeing Shawn instantly regained my movement after 1 visit.
There is no pressure for return visits, just recommendations.
I am so impressed with this facility, especially Shawn and Christian. Highly recommended!

~ Andrew

Thank you so much. You have been an awesome therapist – very knowledgeable, kind, friendly, caring, and professional. Thank you for helping me heal. Definitely, see you again! Have a lovely day!

~ Maria


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