ICBC & Extended Health Benefits – Telehealth FAQ

Because companies are updating their policies regularly, we strongly recommend that you contact your extended health care provider directly to confirm Telehealth coverage prior to booking your appointment. 

If you have any additional information from your extended health care provider regarding telehealth coverage or have any questions, please reach out to us at


ICBC has confirmed that they will provide coverage for the following telehealth services until further service:

  • Active Rehab
  • Chiropractic
  • Clinical Counselling
  • Physiotherapy

For new patients, you are pre-authorized for services for 12 weeks following your accident date for the following:

  • Up to 12 Active Rehab sessions
  • Up to 25 Chiropractic sessions
  • Up to 12 Clinical Counselling sessions
  • Up to 25 Physiotherapy sessions

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Medavie Blue Cross (RCMP, VAC, CAF)

Medavie Blue Cross has confirmed coverage for telehealth services, as per your plan’s coverage. We are able to submit direct billing for these services.

Telehealth and Telerehabilitation Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation booking button

Direct Billing for Extended Health Benefit Plans

As with our in-clinic services, we are able to direct bill Telehealth sessions to most major insurers. Please reach out to us directly at or see our direct billing FAQ for more information!


Telehealth and Telerehabilitation Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation booking button


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