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7 Things Your Chiropractor Wants from You

Did we catch your attention? Great, because that is the exact opposite of what your Chiropractic treatment will be like. As you read further into this post, you will come to realise that we have no expectations from you other than being honest and open about your injury or pain. Read on.

7 Things to Expect on your First Chiropractic Visit at Total Therapy

1. An open environment where you determine how the appointment goes

At Total Therapy (TT), we pride ourselves in creating a patient centered environment. Upon meeting our chiropractor, you will initially be asked some specific, open-ended questions allowing you to dictate where attention will be paid for the rest of the appointment. There is no cookie-cutter approach to our patient care, which allows for a one of a kind doctor-patient relationship.

2. An in-depth musculoskeletal history

Everyone’s body has a unique story to tell! At TT we want to hear all about it. Providing information about your current and past aches and pain is infinitely helpful in putting together the best plan of action for your ongoing physical health.

3. A complete neuromusculoskeletal assessment

Injuries rarely present in isolation. Therefore, assessing only the area of pain will certainly paint an incomplete clinical picture. At TT, we assess all of the possible involved areas as well as the locations that will influence your ability to perform daily activities.

4. Movement based interventions and pain management strategies

We are all about movement. We understand that when pain or discomfort presents, the last thing you want is to move and aggravate it. During your initial appointment we will provide you with movement strategies that will not only alleviate pain, but also make your day to day activities easier and less physically taxing.

5. A plan

A major component of your initial chiropractic assessment is centered around developing the best plan of action to eliminate your current complaint and to maximize your future physical health and performance. At TT we will inform you of the plan of management prior to commencing with treatment, because at the end of the day, we are your partner in physical health.

**As an aside, our treatment plans commonly consist of movement education, soft tissue mobilization and joint manipulation/mobilization (when clinically relevant). Although we understand the allure of passive care, we insist on providing active care to each of our patients in order to prepare them for the challenges of life.

6. Dependent on the severity/complexity of your complaint – treatment

Your initial appointment with a chiropractor at TT is scheduled for 45 minutes. Depending on your health history, the path that you lead the appointment on (see #1), your current clinical presentation, and possible need for further investigation (X-ray, MRI), we will determine if your treatment will start on your first appointment.

7. To learn…a lot!

Not to sound cliché, but knowledge is power. At TT we love to empower our patients. Whether it is pain science, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, injury prevention, functional movement strategies, athletic performance, ergonomics or any other topic related to your physical health, we love to share!


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