Total Therapy Blog - 2018

Physical Literacy Part 2: Bear Walks

Bear Walks, from the physical literacy point-of-view (If you’d like a recap on what physical literacy is, check out this post here.) When I worked...
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High blood pressure? Try exercise snacking.

High blood pressure? Try exercise snacking. Are you a snacker? As we approach the holiday season, why not try on a new habit to improve...
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Introducing: My Home-Fitness Kit

This article was written by our Kinesiologist, Mae Nakano. Over the years, I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with a large variety of patients: from...
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Should I sit or should I stand? Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

This article was written by our Chiropractor, Dr. Carolyne Nellis Having benefitted from chiropractic care for two decades, I am happy to be able to...
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Cardiovascular Disease and Exercise – Part 1

This article was written by our Kinesiologist, Katrina Kwai. Growing up playing multiple sports peaked my interest in health sciences at a young age. Upon completing...
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Backpack Safety & Fitting

  Backpack safety tips It’s that time of the year again! While you are preparing for your child’s return to school, here are some important...
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Cognitive Restructuring: The ABCD Approach to Negative Thinking

This article was written by our Clinical Counsellor, Kate Bilkevitch I believe that the main purpose of counselling is to help you achieve empowerment to...
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Physical Literacy

Physical literacy? Remember those kids who were good at everything in PE? During all of grade school, even since kindergarten? And they excelled at multiple...
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TSS Rovers Season Recap

Total Therapy has had the pleasure of supporting the TSS FC Rovers men’s and women’s professional development soccer teams for a second year. Tonya Wheatley...
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Best of Burnaby 2018

We’d like to say a big thank you to our patients and community for naming us Best of Burnaby for the fourth year in a...
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