Total Therapy Blog - 2013

Protecting Your Back Against Winter’s Bite

With rainy skies and shorter days, winter has officially arrived in Vancouver. Winter time in Vancouver is a time of festivities, family gatherings, and trips...
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Back Pain – Why Assessments Matter

Every year, low back pain costs Canada billions of dollars in lost productivity and healthcare expenditures. In B.C., low back pain represents nearly a quarter...
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Sports Concussion

“You got your bell rung” is a common term used in the sporting world. A hit from behind into the boards in hockey or a...
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Spine Decompression Therapy Myths Debunked

What is Spine Decompression Therapy? Spine decompression therapy uses a gentle ‘pulling’ action through the spine to create an elongating effect. The goal of spine...
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Dr. Maria Fabbro’s Testimonials

Repeat Visit I had some severe food allergies 2-3 years ago and Dr. Fabbro's homeopathic remedies helped clear up my symptoms. Years later, I became...
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Children Back Basics

Fall is here, which means that back-to-school routines are in full swing. Between dropping the kids off at school, and carpooling out to soccer practices,...
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Mental Health Special Series | Know it & Beat it

What is Depression? “I feel so depressed.” “It’s such a depressing day.” We often use comments like these to describe our feelings. We know what...
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Killer Commute

Commuting is rarely a fun experience. If you’re like most British Columbians, your daily commute to work is done by car, and takes about an...
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What is a Kinesiologist?

Chances are you’ve heard of the study of kinesiology and people who call themselves kinesiologists, but what do these terms mean? What do these professionals...
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Squatting and Knee Safety

This article was contributed by our resident kinesiologist Derek Smith, BSc.Hons(Kin). Derek is a kinesiologist with a BSc Honours Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo...
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