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Back to School Food Choices

Healthy school snacks and lunches can help instill life-long healthy habits and a positive relationship with wholesome foods. During childhood, children experience rapid growth, making good nutrition especially important. Eating healthy foods can reduce the likelihood of childhood illnesses and infections, improve brain function, and improve mood. Conversely, refined sugary snacks contribute to weight gain and mood and behavioural issues that can become a lifelong struggle for some young people. Here is the tip of the week for making a nutritious yet quick and easy lunch/snack for a busy parent.



  • raw sunflower seeds (most schools have a no-nut policy, but seeds are generally okay – check with your school for a complete list)
  • apple slices
  • Pack the apple slices in salt water to preserve freshness, and keep the sunflower seeds in a small zip lock bag, to be added to the yogurt after it’s opened.



  • whole grain flax see tortilla wrap (available at Costco ™ in the bread section)
  • ripe avocado
  • cherry tomatoes
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • rganic cottage cheese
  • 2 oz cooked organic chicken (optional)

In the tortilla wrap spread one half of a ripe avocado, organic cottage cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and 2 oz’s of cooked organic chicken meat (optional). Wrap it all up and voila – a quick, highly nutritious lunch.

Help establish healthy eating habits in your children today, and set them up for a lifetime of nutritious eating

This article is contributed by our Registered Nutritional Consultant, Liliana Tosic, R.H.N.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 604.437.9355 or browse through our website for more information!

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