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Backpack Safety & Fitting


Backpack safety tips

It’s that time of the year again! While you are preparing for your child’s return to
school, here are some important tips to make sure your child’s backpack is safe
for their growing backs.

  • Backpack weight: The load should only carry 10-15% of
    your child’s bodyweight and should be evenly distributed,
    with the heavier objects placed closer to the body and the
    lighter objects placed further from the back. Only pack
    what is needed for the day.
  • Wearing it correctly: Make sure your child is wearing both
    straps, wearing the strap on one side could potentially
    curve the spine in the long run. Make sure the straps are
    well adjusted so it fits closer to the back.

  • Fitting: Make sure the backpack does not hang more than
    4 inches below the waistline. Straps should be padded and
    adjustable. Hip and chest belts can help transfer the
    weight more evenly.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly during the school year is another effective
way to make sure your child keeps a healthy back.

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