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Dr. Maria Fabbro’s Testimonials

Repeat Visit

I had some severe food allergies 2-3 years ago and Dr. Fabbro’s homeopathic remedies helped clear up my symptoms. Years later, I became more laid back on what I eat so here I am back with more severe allergies. Hoping Dr. Fabbro will clear up my symptoms one more time! I am also doing a detox.

lydia M

Takes the time

On my first visit, Dr. Fabbro went through my entire intake form without worrying about going over the one hour time and went through all of my many supplements so that I did not have to buy anything that I already had and to ensure that I was taking the right supplements at the right time and in the right combinations. She was caring, knowledgeable and gave me hope that optimum health was achievable.

Christina S

Helping with issues

Dr Maria is a person that listens to you and helps you with what you need. She is very trusting and looks after you 100% when you are under her care

Kathy S

bio identical HRT

thank you , great help and knowledge with bio identical HRT prescribing and dosing adjustments and application areas. Also adrenal support and general post menop. health issues.


Very Knowledgeable and Sympathetic

My first visit with Dr. Fabbro was excellent. Dr. Fabbro’s attitude towards me is what a doctor should be when caring for a patient. Something that I could never get from a medical doctor. She is very sympathetic and knowledgeable with regards to health and wellness of a patient. We went over my 1 hour appointment as there was so much to cover but she just keep going on. I wished medical doctors are like her!

Aileen Seballos-Thien

Very Personable and Knowledgeable

My first visit with Dr. Fabbro was very positive. I appreciate her care and compassion. We ‘covered’ so much. I look forward to working with her. Thanks, see you soon, Terry

Theresa SpeckenDr.

Personable, Caring and Very Knowledgeable

Maria is very compassionate and caring. In all our meetings I have found her to be an excellent listener. She is very knowledgeable and up-to-date with new things regarding natural healing. I would definitely recommend her. Her positive attitude is infectious.Thank you Dr. Maria for your guidance and help – it is much appreciated. In good health….Ingrid

Ingrid Piefke

Highly Recommended

I am seeing Dr. Fabbro from past two years now and she is very humble sincere and a good friend. She listens to you very carefully and try her best to help you out even in the worst case scenarios. I will highly recommend her and i think everyone can get good help and positive attitude towards their life from her.

Baljinder Gill

Highly recommended!

I just started seeing Dr. Fabbro and she is very compassionate and helpful. She listened to everything I had to say and provided great information to help me. I will definitely go see Dr. Fabbro again and I highly recommend her.

Trina Kienzle

A Wonderful Caring Knowledgeable ND

I have been with Dr. Fabbro over 1 1/2 yrs. She has guided me with expert advise and very personal caring treatment. I feel so much better and I thank her for everything that she has done! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a ND.

Lois Poitras

First Visit Was Great

I found Dr Fabbro very personable and easy to talk to. She is very knowledgable and very thorough. I like that she wanted to discuss all aspects of my health, including nutrition and vitamins and supplements that I currently take. I’m looking forward to getting back the hormone test results and working with Dr. Fabro to improve my well-being.

Janet C

A wonderful doctor and counsellor

I am visiting Dr Fabbro from the past year and a half and i found her extremely caring, honest and helpful. She have extreme knowledge of health issues and she tries to find the best way to help you. I would highly recommend Dr Fabbro.

Baljinder G

A wonderful doctor

I had an appointment with Dr. Fabbro and I found her to be extremely warm and helpful. She was also knowledgeable about my health issues. My daughter visited her as well and found the same. I would highly recommend Dr. Fabbro.

Bonny W

review of my first visit with Dr.Fabbro

i was very nervous about my first visit and Dr.Fabbro was able to put me at ease. I came to see about losing weight and Dr.Fabbro took all the time I needed to make sure i understood everything I was to do. She even went over my scheduled time to make sure I could follow the diet she made out for me. Thankyou

Hilda White

Wonderful Experience

Dr Maria Fabbro was terrific when I met with her. She took a lot of time (more than we had scheduled) and made sure she understood what she need to about myself and medications. I highly recommend her.

Gail Schuler

Initial Consultation

My three year old daughter made a visit to Dr.Fabbro complaining of resiratory difficulty. Dr. Fabbro was very good and attentive with the child. She listened very carefully and took a full history and focused exam. She is very knowlegeable and had several suggestions for treatment. I was very happy with her thorough approach and look forward to our next appointment.

Father of Emma Milne

A positive alternative

I would like to share with women out there suffering with menopause, that there are options and help out there for you. I recently had an appointment with Dr. Fabbro, it was a very worthwhile visit. Dr. Fabbro is a very pleasant woman, easy to talk to and certainly doesn’t make you feel hurried. In the appointment we discussed options for bio-identical hormones and what was going to work best for me. If you are looking for a positve alternative, call Dr. Fabbro!

Shirley M

A person who can make difference in your life

I’ve been seeing Dr. Fabbro since June 2010 and since then there is immence difference in my health and personality both. She understands your concerns and a great listener. She is very good in giving alternate health advice and go extra mile to help you out. I would highly recommend Dr. Fabbro for anyone looking for a naturopath.

Baljinder Gill

Excellent Doctor!

Had an appointment yesterday in her home office. Its great. Had a very nice tranquil feeling to it. Dr. Fabbro herself is very friendly. She is a great listener. All the questions I asked her she was able to answer efficiently. Very knowledgeable. Also is up to up to date with current news. Takes her time and you can tell she tries her best to help her patients. Highly Recommend! A+

Jonathan Y

Knowledgeable & Caring

I’ve been seeing Dr. Fabbro since May 2010 and she has been fantastic. She listened carefully to my concerns and was able to not only make recommendations for getting better but also explained what my body was going through and why and how her recommendations will help. I found that Dr. Fabbro could answer questions and give alternative health advice where a regular MD could not. I would highly recommend Dr. Fabbro for anyone looking for a naturopath.

S. Chan

Great Appointment

I left Dr. Fabbro’s office with knowledge of why, how, what and what to do. It was such a great appointment because I felt like I had a plan of action, and I knew what steps to take. I felt very comfortable in her office; it was easy to answer questions, as well as, listen to her explain different topics. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fabbro to anyone looking for a naturopath.

Olivia S

First impressions

Dr. Fabbro, Maria, is a very personable practitioner. She took the time to take my information, explained the procedure for assessing my food allergies, and put me at ease with her gentle manner. I look forward to going through the healing process with her input.

Nettonya Ryane


I am a new patient to Dr. Fabbro and am seeing her for my allergies. She is very patient and provides all the information. She is very nice and approachable. I look forward to my next appointment.


Very professionla and helpful

Dr Maria Fabbro found a proper treatment for my depression after that I have stopped taking antidepressants. It really helped a lot and I did not go back to pills.


New Patient

Dr.Fabbro is a nice and friendly doctor. She has a warm and comforting presence. I look forward to seeing her more often. I would recommend her to everybody!


Very Helpful

Dr. Fabbro has helped me a great deal in the past months make significant improvements in my health and energy. She has a caring approach and is very committed and dedicated. I would recommend her highly.

Don M


First time for Acupuncture. It seems to be working on my shoulder the next treatment will tell. I have also had food allergy testing done and that has helped greatly. I recommend Dr Fabbro for your next or first ND.

Diane Fudger

A Great Naturopathic Doctor

First time I visited Dr. Fabbro was over 4 years ago. I have been visiting her regularly in the last two year. She helped me to go through my first pregnancy and now the second. Dr. Fabbro is very knowledgeable and thorough. She is also very gentle and caring. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a ND

Hadar Hamid


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