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FAQ about Chiropractic with Dr. Carolynne Nellis

chiropractic-referencecarolynne-bio-photoThis article was written by our Chiropractor, Dr. Carolyne Nellis.

My interest in holistic medicine was developed at a young age. Having benefitted from chiropractic care for two decades, I am happy to be able to offer the same natural, safe and effective care that I have received. My approach to care involves assessing and treating each individual as a whole and creating treatment plans tailored to each individual’s health care goals.

In my spare time, I enjoy staying active, exploring beautiful British Columbia and attending seminars to always provide the best, up to date care for my patients.


Have you ever considered visiting a chiropractor but you weren’t too sure what to expect? The following article will help you learn about chiropractic and how you can benefit from it.

Why should I visit a Chiropractor?

Doctors of chiropractic are primary health care providers for spinal health and well-being. By using adjustments and other manual therapies, they can relieve the aches and pains caused by injury and everyday stressors. Chiropractors are trained to find the source of the problem rather than focusing solely on the symptoms. They also provide exercise recommendations, ergonomic tips, nutrition counseling and other advice to promote good health and wellness.

What is an adjustment?

chiropractic-adjustmentWhen two bones come together, they form a joint. Joints can become fixated or misaligned due to abnormal stressors or injury. An adjustment is a small force applied to a specific joint to help optimize the mobility, biomechanics, and function of each joint. Although chiropractors are known to focus on the joints of the spine, such as the neck or low back, they can also adjust peripheral joints, such as ankles, wrists, and shoulders. The “cracking” or “popping” sound that occasionally accompanies the adjustment is simply gas being released from the joint capsule.

What is the educational background of a chiropractor?

As with conventional orthodox medicine, chiropractic educational standards have continued to improve throughout the 20th century. Today, chiropractors have completed a four-year pre-medical degree before entering chiropractic school. Once in chiropractic school, they complete a rigorous four-year program of study to become a primary health care provider. This education includes bioscience classes such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, and nutrition, as well as clinical sciences including physical diagnosis, neurology and x-ray analysis. The last year of chiropractic school includes a hands-on clinical internship.

What will a visit consist of?

An initial exam with Dr. Nellis at Total Therapy takes from 45 minutes to an hour as she will search out the cause, not just the symptoms, of your condition. A routine office visit includes about twenty minutes of face-to-face time with the doctor. Dr. Nellis is happy to refer her patients to the appropriate specialists when needed. If she cannot help you directly, she will direct you to a health care professional who can.

What kind of conditions can you help me with?

·        Low Back Pain ·        Knee Problems ·        Degenerative Disc Disease
·        Shoulder Pain ·        Ankle Sprains ·        Heartburn
·        Neck Pain ·        Tennis Elbow ·        Muscle Weakness
·        Headaches ·        Golfer’s Elbow ·        Arthritis
·        Sciatica ·        Rib Discomfort ·        Mid-back Pain
·        Hip Pain ·        Foot Pain ·        Muscle Cramping
·        Jaw Pain / TMJ ·        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·        Fatigue ·        Numbness & Tingling

For more information on Chiropractic care or to book an appointment with Dr. Nellis, please contact us at (604)620-9700.


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