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Healthy Community Seminar – Injury Risk & Prevention

Healthy Community Injury Prevention Total Therapy Physiotherapy Burnaby Massage Therapy

Musculoskeletal injuries can occur at any time to anyone through a variety of mechanisms. Musculoskeletal injures are classified as damage to, or disorder of, the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, blood vessels or related soft tissues. Categorization of these injuries includes sprains, strains, or inflammation and can be caused or aggravated by activities we participate in daily such as work duties, recreational behaviour, or even simple tasks like walking and getting out of bed.

These injuries may arise from a plethora of reasons. Whether repetitive movements performed at work lead to a chronic injury, or the source is more acute from a sports-related incidence, there is usually an underlying explanation for such disturbances.

Muscle Imbalance Total Therapy Burnaby Physiotherapy Massage TherapyFrom a Kinesiologist’s view, this explanation lies in assessing abnormal movement patterns associated with muscle imbalances and dysfunction. The view that human movement involves a complex interaction of multiple systems allows the Kinesiologist to strengthen and stabilize the appropriate musculature to resolve the issues caused by muscle imbalances. This, in turn, should reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury by creating proper movement patterning behaviours. Proper movement patterns are not only efficient, but actually promote optimal performance of any movement task.

But how does this benefit you? Avoiding injury improves our overall quality of life by allowing us to perform activities we enjoy without pain or discomfort. Knowing how to avoid injury by having a properly functioning body with limited muscle imbalances will go a long way to achieving this. As pain and discomfort is removed from activities of daily life and our recreational endeavors, we are able to further improve our physical fitness and reach our fitness goals.

Retraining Total Therapy Physiotherapy Massage Therapy BurnabyFor those who consider themselves athletic, or at least active, probably think they are at a decreased risk of injury due to physical fitness levels. However, injury prevalence can be even higher in this population for the fact that they are repetitively performing tasks (i.e. running, walking, cycling, etc.) without sufficient muscular strength. Any weaknesses will be compensated for and will create these imbalances we speak of. These individuals may require even further guidance when it comes to strengthening their weaknesses and correcting the imbalances that have been cemented into their movement patterns.

Most people have some sort of muscle imbalances, whether they are aware of them or not. Proper assessment can reveal these imbalances and appropriate treatment, and progressive programming can help correct and prevent injury and disability from hampering our everyday lifestyles. Be aware. Be active. Stay healthy!


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