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How Our Kinesiologists Can Help:

Physical Injury

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If you are tired of relying on the help of health and wellness professionals to treat your injuries and want to learn how to manage your pain on your own a Kinesiologist can show you how.   We are movement specialists that work on a daily basis to address job demands such as prolonged standing, prolonged desk work, lifting, or carrying.  We provide you with the knowledge and exercises to return back to work from personal injury claims or motor vehicle accidents.

Daily Concerns

Aging_VitalityKinesiologists are great at helping you develop a home exercise program or regime you can do with limited time.  Whether you are busy shuttling kids around or juggling the work and social life balance an exercise program is proven by research to reduce stress levels. Stress is often affiliated with difficulty sleeping or fatigue.  Exhaustion from physical exercise can help combat those late nights and Kinesiologists can help get you past where you would challenge yourself.  Maybe you are near or past retirement and you would like to maintain your quality of life. Your goal can be as simple as getting up out of a chair or crossing the street before the light changes.  We can help you maintain your independence to avoid physically aging.

One on One Time for Specific Goals

If your goals did not fit in the first two categories and they are more specific a Kinesiologist can address a goal-oriented task to facilitate higher or normal functioning.  This may include performing a particular activity, correcting exercise form, focusing on postural strength, changing muscular imbalances or preparing for a vacation.  We are a new set of eyes that can provide you with the direction that you need.

Try out the following postural exercises to get an idea of what a Kinesiology session may look like:

Kin Exercise


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