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Maximize the Burn

Starting out on a weight loss program can be a daunting undertaking at times. Between work, family, and everyday obligations, free time can be a hard thing to find. However, you don’t need to spend two hours in a gym every day to be successful in achieving your goals. Try these time-saving tips to maximize your calorie-burning potential:

  • Exercise is cumulative, so think about maximizing caloric output throughout the day. For example, park further away, take the stairs, fill your water bottle half way so you have to get up and go to the cooler more often.
  • Large muscles expend more energy than small muscles, so incorporate full body movements wherever possible to burn more calories. With proper instruction, using free weights can help you burn more calories during your routine.
  • Conventional weight machines are not necessarily safer than free weights. Some machines may not provide adequate instruction, and the universal design of the machines means that some may not fit your body properly. This can put you at risk for injury.

This article is contributed by our Practicing Kinesiologist, Cherie Lee, B.H.K

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