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Spotlight: Chiropractor Dr. Duriell Bernard

Say hello to one of the newest members of the Total Therapy team- chiropractor Dr. Duriell Bernard!

How It All Began
Dr. Bernard has been a practicing doctor of chiropractic for 11 years, but his experience with chiropractic care really started as a teenager. At just 16 years old, Dr. Bernard was ranked top 2 in Canada in hurdles (not many of us can claim that achievement!). While preparing for a world championship meet, low back pain halted his training in its tracks. Unable to compete, Dr. Bernard began chiropractic treatment in an effort to get his body back in the game. To his amazement, he went from “zero to hero” in just 3 visits with a chiropractor, sparking his own interest in chiropractic care as a powerful tool for getting athletes back on their feet after injuries and keeping them in tip-top shape. The rest is history!

Work with Athletes

Dr. Bernard has travelled all over the world working with some of Canada’s top athletes, assisting Team Canada in 6 world championship events! For Dr. Bernard, one of the highlights of his travels was being the only chiropractor for Team Canada in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. He describes his experience as “magical, inspirational, reflective, and humbling” to see first-hand how “physical disability and pain shouldn’t limit one’s ability to overcome great odds.” Currently, Dr. Bernard works with some of Greater Vancouver’s most promising young basketballers at F.O.R.M. Academy and Air Raid Academy. The future looks bright for these youngsters, especially with Dr. Bernard’s helping hands.

Just for Fun

For Dr. Bernard, it’s important to have fun both in and out of the clinic. Like most of us, he is looking forward to getting back to travelling post-covid. Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, sigh… a sandy beach sounds really nice right about now. In the meantime, Dr. Bernard has taken up road cycling, which he has found to be invaluable in maintaining his physical and mental health during the pandemic. For anyone looking for a new local brewery to visit this summer, Dr. Bernard will surely have some great recommendations!


For anyone looking to book in with Dr. Bernard, he is working out of our Brentwood location. Please give us a call at (604) 437-9355 or book online here!


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