Mark Kroeger, Registered Physiotherapist

I enjoy being around people and thrive on helping them to attain their peak potentials. The profession of physiotherapy has been a great career choice for me and has provided me with more than 30 years of enjoyment. It has given me the opportunity to work with and help everyone from elite athletes to seasoned couch potatoes.

Between juggling the schedules associated with a family of six children and working at managing clinics I relax while kicking a soccer ball, bike riding and playing the piano at church and home.

Today only happens once and I encourage you to make it the best it can be - using positive thoughts and acts of kindness to propel you in the right direction.

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POSTS BY Mark Kroeger:

Mark has been our family's physio for a number of years and we travel across the city to see him only. Absolutely the very best, and I have been to many many before him.

Mark is an excellent health care provider. He is caring, knowledgeable with great sense of humour. He is a "hand-on" therapist, he uses machines only when one is absolutely necessary. The problems at my old age are all musculoskeletal. I went through a number of therapists, kept changing due to various reasons until a friend advised me about Mark. Since then I have seen him regularly when ever I have needed him; my faith in his competence has never wavered over these years. He does not mind me making videos of all the exercises he prescribes. Those videos help me remember various exercises to do at home. It feels good to have a reliable health care provider. In addition, Total Therapy is well managed; it is neat and clean. It is a comfortable place to go.

Mark was great. He was technically sound in his explanations of different movements which I appreciated. His combination of humour and tips for better health was great to hear. I enjoyed my session and I would recommend Mark. He is experienced and knows what he is talking about!!

This is a very professional business, I have been here quite a few times now, and every time the staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating. Special shout out to Mark Kroeger, keep up the great work!

Mark is an incredible physiotherapist

Total Therapy is very friendly and a professional physiotherapy clinic. I have been very happy to receive quality care from Mark. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and takes the necessary time to explain the situation and treat the pain. Highly recommend Total Therapy!

Knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere and attitude of all. Varied equipment and techniques used

I am very happy after my physio appointment with Mark Kroeger today.
He was extremely thorough, went through everything in great detail and educated me on all I needed to know about preventing further injuries. Definitely one of the most valuable physio appointments I've ever had. I will be returning to follow up. Thank you Mark!


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