Pearl Dar - Registered Massage Therapist

From dragon boating to netball, volunteering as a leader with Scouts Canada and playing games of all sorts, these activities have given my body the aches and pains it currently has. Studying to become a massage therapist helped me learn why my body was behaving a certain way after an injury, and it has helped me understand what needs to be done in order for me to get back to the best possible quality of life. Though I have an interest in pre and post-natal massage, I am not one to shy away from challenges that other lifestyles might bring (from chronic pain, to maintaining physical and emotional well-being through massage).

I like to use a variety of techniques like trigger point release, myofascial release, and active techniques like stretches during my treatments. I believe that everyone who comes into my treatment room should be an active participant in their treatment. I will have you performing movements and stretches as part of treatment to not only help your body, but to hopefully teach you how we will achieve your treatment goals and why that is the course of action to take. I look forward to working with you!

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