Pearl Dar (She/Her) - Registered Massage Therapist

Location: North Burnaby
Languages: English, Hindi & Gujarati

From dragon boating and playing netball in my teens, to loving the outdoors & swimming as an adult, I’ve had my fair share of aches and pains. Studying to become a massage therapist has helped me learn why my body behaves the way it does, and has given me a greater understanding of what needs to be done in order to get me back to the best possible quality of life.

Though I have an interest in pre and post-natal massage, I am not one to shy away from a challenge (from chronic pain and orthopaedic conditions, to maintaining physical and emotional well-being through massage). I like to use a variety of techniques in my treatments, such as releases, joint mobilizations, and stretches. With a newfound interest in pain science, and an attempt to be evidence-informed, I try to gear each appointment to what I think will work best for my individual patients at that time. I might have you performing movements/stretches/exercises as part of your treatment or homecare, and am always open to discussing why I believe a particular course of action is best.

I am a giant nerd. I love talking all things fandom, pain science, books, and food. I look forward to working with you and not only teaching you something new through our interactions, but also learning from you.

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