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Introducing: My Home-Fitness Kit

This article was written by our KinesiologistMae Nakano.

Over the years, I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with a large variety of patients: from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, teen athletes, toddlers to elderly, children with disabilities, ICBC patients, and those in specialized Occupational Rehabilitation programs for WorkSafeBC. No matter the clientele, I love the idea that the patient and I work together as a team– I am a knowledgeable guide while the power is in their hands. Let’s accomplish your goals together!

Introducing: My Home-Fitness Kit

Well, there you have it! It’s quite underwhelming, but I find there is a surprising number of exercises and variations I can do with just the contents of this little plastic tote. It gives me a decent workout if I wanted a lazy day in, and from the comfort of my home instead of a crowded gym or at work. It also takes away another excuse to skip the exercising. Bonus: It barely takes up any space!

A) Resistance bands (straight and loop), which absolutely get you stronger despite some belief that only weights do, and they take up barely any space compared to a rack of dumbbells.

Side plank clam shell

Door hinge pullbacks

When you visit us, we will give you one as part of your at-home care; you can also get official ones like these in the photo by Perform Better. There are loads of other companies out there too! Just be wary of anything too cheap, as they tend to tear or degrade faster than other brands.

B) One single 10-pound kettlebell, which the previous tenant left behind in my old apartment and I liked it so I kept it. (I do wish I had more variety, though. But then, see Point A above.)

KB swings

Plank KB drags

If you don’t move into an apartment that conveniently comes with a weight (as well as a ton of other crap that we had to remove ourselves…), you could check out craigslist; or, I like the look and feel of these guys by Again Faster at the local bouldering gym.

C) Plastic bags that I use as sliders on carpet, I kid you not! Sliders challenge your muscular control and they give you a gooooood core buster too.

Mountain climbers

Sliding lunges

It can be as simple as giving more purpose to an old grocery bag* from when you shamefully forgot your reusable one, or official ones by actual fitness companies like these finds on Amazon. If you’re using them on hardwood, make sure the soft side is not flesh with the plastic, as those will not slide as well and possibly leave scratches on your floor (or at the very least you’ll have to work harder against more resistance).

*Beware of carpet burn if you attempt this barefoot. Trust me. I love being barefoot but this was not nice.

**Sidenote: Can’t take credit for this one, but a bread pan works great sans footwear because of the slippery bottom!

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