Katrina Morabito - Practicing Kinesiologist

Location: North Burnaby
Languages: English

Walking into a gym for the first time, or in any unfamiliar environment, can be daunting. To be able to help empower people to work out in a gym is what I thrive to do. Having worked over the years as a Kinesiologist, I have been challenged with a wide variety of cases. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with soccer teams, ICBC clients, post-surgery knee and shoulder rehab, toddlers to elderly, children with disabilities as well as those who want personal training.

Achievement in my eyes not only comes from being pain and symptom-free but also feeling stronger; physically and mentally. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with people and help them on their own personal journey, whether that be active rehabilitation goals or fitness goals.

Outside of Total Therapy, I enjoy going to my own gym, trying new hobbies, staying active with my dog, watching concerts and standup comedy.

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POSTS BY Katrina Morabito:

Love this place! The front staff are awesome and the physios are the best. I always get the best care here and have made long lasting relationships with those who have treated me. Under cover parking is free behind the building. If you are looking for a Physio I recommend Christian Morin. I go to him for any injuries I've [obtained] over the years playing soccer. Super personable and has a wealth of knowledge, a true professional in his field!

In addition I have to shout out Katrina Kwai for Exercise Rehabilitation. When I first met her a couple years back, I came in to build up a little bit of strength so I could stop rolling my ankles during soccer season. Not only did my annual ankle roles stop occurring, but I continued to see Kat and my love for weightlifting grew. She made me strive to be stronger and helped me grow muscle over the years I've known her. I was someone who feared upper body "bulkiness on women" but she was able to open my eyes to the potential of being muscular as a female and love it. Can't give a higher recommendation as for seeing Kat. She is friendly and extremely kind, takes the time to teach you technique and pushes your limits in a way you feel comfortable and are able to progress. I just reached my PR of 405lbs for my hip thrusts and it's all thanks to her. She has now become a true friend to me and it's in your best interest to see her. Also, my entire family comes to her for training :)

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